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Antisemitic police officer assigned to protect French Jewish communal leader

Le Pointe has reported that an allegedly antisemitic French Muslim police officer, who protected an official of the Consistoire Israelite (CRIF)  has been removed as the Jewish leader’s guard. The unnamed police officer, who is a convert to Islam, has been accused of proselytising while on duty.

CRIF, the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions, filed a complaint with the Directorate General of Internal Security. The police officer is an employee of The Protection Service, a government agency that provides security for government officials and individuals whose jobs are subject to risk.

Investigators discovered the police officer’s name on a private list of Egalite et Reconciliation, a website run by Alain Sorel,  Sorel has been publically accused of alleged antisemitism, due to his past ties to the National Front, and his friendship with the French comedian, Dieudonne, who has been convicted of antisemitism by the courts.

The police officer is also a known admirer of both Leon Degrelle, the Walloon Belgian politician  turned Nazi collaborator, and Julius Evola, the Italian writer whose work influenced many neo-Nazi supporters.

And while the numbers are small, there have been other incidents of French Muslim police officers promoting Islam while on patrol. Le Parisien leaked a Department of Public Security confidential memo that revealed that, between 2012-2015, there were 17 cases of French Muslim police officers who were charged with broadcasting religious chants while on duty.

In addition, an unspecified number of French Muslim police officers have refused to guard synagogues, or observe moments of silence in honor of Jewish victims of terror.