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Miami Beach resident accused of plotting to burn down condo to “kill all the Jews”

Mr Walter Stopler, aged 72 was arrested by police in Miami on Thursday 12th July, after h he allegedly tried to burn down his condominium building in order to “kill all the Jews” according to the police report. Mr Stopler now reportedly faces charges of attempted arson and attempted murder.

Mr Stopler, angry after having recently been served eviction notice, allegedly told another resident that he planned to pour gasoline down the drain line of the building, ignite it and then padlock the building’s fire hoses to stop firefighters from extinguishing the flames.

Miami Beach police officer Ernesto Rodriguez stated that officers received a credible tip that Mr Stopler was planning to burn down The Pavilion residences on Collins Avenue. When the police arrived, they found Mr Stopler in the parking garage of the building, with two plastic containers filled with fuel in a shopping cart. A further eight plastic containing fuel were found in a garbage chute dumpster.

Investigators found that the gasoline had been poured down the chute from the 15th floor – the floor on which Mr Stopler resided. Upon being found with the gasoline, Mr Stopler told the police that “I bought the gas to make a small BBQ”, according to the arrest affidavit.

A storage room was later found by detectives holding 27 additional containers filled with various substances such as gasoline, sulphur powder and potassium nitrate.

The state attorney’s office is to decide whether to pursue further charges against Mr Stopler of a hate crime.


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Alleged killer of 17, including 5 Jews, in school shooting trained with neo-Nazi group in Florida

Nikolas Cruz, a 19-year-old orphan accused of murdering 17 people in a school shooting, reportedly trained with neo-Nazi groups before allegedly committing the shooting spree.

Cruz allegedly killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Florida, a school with a high Jewish population, with an AR-15 he legally purchased.

During proceedings against Cruz, in which he has been held without bail on 17 counts of murder, the leader of the Florida-based neo-Nazi group Republic of Florida has admitted that Cruz trained with them.

Jordan Jereb, whose group wants Florida to become a “white ethno-state” said that Cruz acted alone and suggested that “trouble with a girl” contributed to the killing spree.

At least 5 of the victims have been identified as Jewish, but some report that at least 7 of them are.

Rabbi Shuey Biston of Chabad of Parkland said “this is a small community, where nearly half of the population is Jewish, so everyone has been touched by what has happened”.

Not all victims of the shooting have been identified, and some people are still missing.

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Florida Congressman invites alt right Holocaust denier to be his guest for Trump’s State of the Union address

Matt Gaetz, the Republican Congressman for Florida, has invited an alt right Holocaust denier to be his guest for Trump’s State of the Union address.

Chuck Johnson was spotted in the congressional chamber at President Trump’s address on Tuesday. He purports to be an “investigative journalist” but espouses a myriad of white supremacist views.

Johnson was permanently banned from Twitter in 2015 after denying the Holocaust and for calling to “take out” Deray McKesson, a figurehead in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Gaetz claimed that Johnson was given the ticket after he “showed up at my office”, having initially planned to give the ticket to his own father who later fell ill.

Johnson commented “let’s just say that I was down to be supportive of the President and I enjoyed being there”, but suggested that other Republicans had also invited him.

Gaetz may claim ignorance as to Johnson’s positions, but he has lent respectability to a Holocaust denying white supremacist at an event viewed by millions of people. More worrying still are reports that writing by Johnson has found its way onto the President’s desk. Both of these facts indicate a growing acceptance of the far right in America’s corridors of power, an influence which must be expunged if Trump’s America is to maintain even a veneer of tolerance.


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Man arrested after walking through Florida town screaming antisemitic threats on Thanksgiving morning

A man identified as 32-year-old Michael Andrew Winters has been arrested for allegedly walking through the streets of a Florida town screaming antisemitic threats.

Surfside, Florida, was described as being put “on edge” by the incident, which took place early on Thanksgiving morning.

Video footage shows Winters allegedly walking down Collins Avenue, and can be viewed here.

One Jewish eyewitness said “he said that he hated the Jewish community and he was going to destroy and kill the Jews, and that he was not kidding”

Local news claims that the threats were “predominantly” aimed at the Jewish community, but he also shouted “Everybody in Miami knows those cops are pieces of [expletive]”.

Local residents are said to be somewhat shaken by the incident, which was clearly intrusive and intimidating, particularly to Jewish residents. However, the police intervened before anyone was hurt.


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Police search for suspect who allegedly threatened to carry out mass shooting at Florida Synagogue

Police in Miame-Dade, Florida, have requested the public’s help in apprehending a suspect who allegedly threatened to carry out a mass shooting at a Synagogue.

The suspect has been identified as Steven H. Brooks.

Brooks allegedly threatened to shoot the members of the Synagogue with an Uzi.

Brooks has been given several warnings for trespass at the Synagogue previously, but nonetheless returned to the property.

Steven Rachminov of the police’s Specialized Protection and Security unit said that following the warnings, Brooks allegedly escalated his harassment to the point of posing a serious terrorist risk: “the information that I received was he basically put out an open threat to come back and basically spray the place down with an uzi. At that point, come on. You’re screaming ‘wolf’ to the highest level. Things need to be done”.

Despite such a serious threat allegedly being made, there is not currently a warrant for Brooks’s arrest, with the police first simply wanting to question him. Despite this, he has been described by police as “rabid” and members of the public have been warned not to approach him, a characterisation which makes the decision not to issue a warrant for his arrest seem bizarre.

Rabbi Eliezar Wolf, who is the Rabbi of the congregation, commented: “together with many other shuls and rabbis in the area, I am thankful to the MDPD for their support in protecting our communities. We are in close contact with a security firm we use … at the shul, as well the Greater Miami Jewish Federation“.

Anyone with information has been told to contact Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS and may be eligible for a cash reward.

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Florida neo-Nazi arrested after allegedly building bombs to attack Synagogues

Federal Investigators who have been investigating a double murder found bomb-making materials at the home of a Florida neo-Nazi over the course of their investigation.

The authorities were investigating  Devon Arthurs, a neo-Nazi who allegedly killed his two room-mates after they disrespected his conversion to Islam.

When investigating this murder, they arrested Brandon Russell, who is accused of possessing bomb-making materials, intending to use them to attack Synagogues and nuclear facilities. Rifles, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and a face mask were also found.

The materials were found in Russell’s apartment in Tampa, Florida, though he is not suspected of involvement in the double murder.

Russell is reportedly a Private in the US military.

Investigators  believe that Russell may be the ringleader of the neo-Nazi Atomwaffen Division, which Everyday Antisemitism reported on earlier this year, following a series of campaigns which were praised by neo-Nazis, in which the group attempted to recruit students and gain publicity through YouTube videos documenting their recruitment stunts. Following our research into the group, we described them as a  “rising force in extremist politics”.


However, if these allegations are shown to be true, they will represent a serious escalation in neo-Nazi activity in the United States, highlighting the importance of documenting and combating such groups when they are in their infancy.

The authorities have thankfully said that they do not believe there to be an imminent threat.

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Jewish teenager’s car spraypainted with Swastika in Florida

A Jewish teenager, who is currently away in Israel with his father, has had his car vandalised with Swastika in Boca Raton, Florida.

The graffiti was discovered when local residents in the Jewish community woke up this week.

Yona Lunger, a representative of South Florida’s Jewish Community said that the incident was “a direct hate message”, describing the community as “shocked, devastated”.

The community gathered around the car yesterday to vent their frustration, and the incident attracted some attention in regional news.

The teenager’s mother said that her grandparents were Holocaust survivors, saying that the incident “might not mean something to a lot of people, but to me, it means a lot”. She says that she will be worried about children playing outside in the community in the future, which demonstrates the very real effect that incidents like this can have on a community.

Rabbi Yaakov Gibbar, who teaches in the community said “that symbol is a symbol of hatred…that symbol is a sign of anti-Semitism, which is virulent and awful, despicable and deplorable”.

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Neo-Nazis slogans and imagery drawn outside 3 Florida Synagogues

Three synagogues in Clearwater, Florida, have found antisemitic messages and imagery drawn in chalk on the pavements outside their buildings.

Chabad of Clearwater, Temple B’nai Israel and Beth Shalom all found the drawings near their Synagogues on January 12th.

There were Swastikas drawn, as well as the numbers 14 and 88. 14 refers to the Fourteen Words, a neo-Nazi mantra, and 88 is a numerical code for “Heil Hitler”.

Though one of the congregations’ Rabbi has noted that this has had “little effect” on their community, it does indeed demonstrate that antisemitism will never be far away for Jewish communities, and should remind those in the communities of the need to be vigilant in case things escalate.

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Bomb threats at Orlando Synagogue and Jewish school lead to evacuation

The police have said that two Jewish institutions in Orlando had to be evacuated after bomb threats were made to police.

Chabad of South Orlando and the Jewish Academy, an elementary school in Maitland, were both evacuated.

The first call was made about the school, with a call ten minutes later threatening a strike against the Chabad house. No explosives have been found in either location.

In Maitland, not only the school was evacuated, but the entire area, which includes a Jewish community centre and a Holocaust education facility.

Television coverage of the story can be viewed here.

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Parkland Synagogue vandalized with “free Palestine”, expletives over Holidays

A Synagogue in Parkland, South Florida, has been vandalized over Rosh Hashana.

The vandals wrote “free Palestine” on the Synagogue’s sign, as well as some expletives which reporters say were too obscene to broadcast on television.

According to the definition of antisemitism, it is antisemitic to hold Jews collectively responsible for the actions of the state of Israel. Even if this were not the case, vandalising a place of worship for political reasons, as that community marks the holiest period of the area, is a cynical attack on Jewish collectivity.

“This is highly disturbing, being that it is Rosh Hashana, to know that there are people out there trying to intimidate the Jewish community” Rabbi Shuey Biston told a local news channel.

Rabbi Mendy Gudnick said “this is the holiest time of the year. This is the Jewish New Year and so people are thinking about going to synagogue who don’t usually come to pray, and it gives them a little pause.”

It is currently believed that the incident was linked to anti-police activity in the area, as the number 12 was also painted, a number which has been associated with such anti-police activity. This is possibly because of the fact that the Synagogue held an event in support for the police.

The Mayor Michael Udine said “we were shocked and sickened by this because the Chabad, they are our neighbors and our friends”.

Rabbi Biston also commented “My message to the Jewish community is that, whenever we are faced with these acts of terror and violence and intimidation, we should all respond with acts of goodness and kindness and light”.


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Police evacuate Jewish school in Florida after bomb threat

A bomb threat forced the evacuation of the Jewish Community Center in Maitland, Florida, on Tuesday. According to police, the school received a bomb threat at 10:00, following which the community centre’s preschool, elementary school and and gym were evacuated. The pupils were evacuated to another school which police locked down as a precaution. No explosives were found.


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Florida residents receive antisemitic notes berating them for putting up Chanukah decorations

Residents of a gated community in Cooper City, Florida, have received antisemitic notes since Saturday, berating them for putting up Chanukah decorations. Police are investigating the notes and are trying to find the person responsible for leaving them in at least three mailboxes. One of the notes read “X-Mas is not for the Jews.” Another resident, whose car is decorated with a menorah on the roof received a note saying “WTF is on your roof? #x-masisbetter”. A third note was more explicit. The victims said that they will not be taking down any of their decorations

Source: Local 10

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New antisemitic stickers and flyers found at University of Central Florida

Following the discovery last month of antisemitic stickers at the University of Central Florida, new antisemitic stickers and flyers have now been found, including a swastika sticker and another with the words “Muh Holocaust”. A flyer invited support for a local neo-Nazi group. Local police have released CCTV footage of two suspects.

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Florida Planning Committee member targeted for voting in favour of synagogue construction

A Boca Raton Planning and Zoning Committee member says he was targeted through social media and e-mail due to his vote in favour of a Synagogue and Jewish museum in East Boca Raton, Florida. The planned synagogue and Israel centre have reportedly been heavily opposed by local residents.


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Florida thug assaults Jew, shouting “Jews should go back to Auschwitz; Hitler was right”

A 19-year-old Jewish man in Boca Raton, Florida, has been attacked by a man who shouted “Jews should go back to Auschwitz; Hitler was right.” The Jewish man remonstrated with him, at which point the antisemitic thug shoved him to the ground and hit his head, following which the two exchanged punches. Local police are looking for a white man, about 20 years old, 180cm tall, weighing around 70kg with blonde or light brown hair in a crew cut style.


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Antisemitic stickers at University of Central Florida suggest Jewish bankers are the wealthiest one percent

Antisemitic stickers found at the University of Central Florida have been removed. One sticker showed a Nazi flag, whilst the other suggested that Jewish bankers are the wealthiest one percent of the population.

Source: Tampa Bay Saratoga News

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House in Florida defaced with huge swastika and the word “Surprise”

A house in Winter Park, Florida, has been daubed with a huge swastika and the word “Surprise”. The home’s owner is considering leaving the graffiti in place to highlight the hateful act. Local police are investigating.

Photo: Wesh

Source: CFCA/Wesh



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American commentator accuses Republican candidates of pandering to “f—ing Jews”

Ann Coulter, author of “Adios America”, who describes herself as “an eleven-time New York Times bestselling author, gun-clinger and right-wing polemicist” has been accused of antisemitism following a string of tweets during yesterday’s Republican presidential candidate debate.

Accusing the candidates of pandering to “f—ing Jews” Coulter tweeted:

The tweets elicited an outcry:

Coulter responded to critics on Twitter:

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Antisemitic graffiti sprayed on apartment complex in Boca Raton

Police in Boca Raton, Florida, are investigating the spraying of graffiti on an apartment complex in Boca Raton, Florida. The graffiti consisted of a Star of David, heart and swastika, all joined by plus signs. A local resident told the Palm Beach Post that she saw four teenagers — three boys and a girl — who ran away laughing.

Photo: Lulu Ramadan, Palm Beach Post