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Besiktas fans tweet “Burn the Jews” and other antisemitic abuse in match against Hapoel Beersheba

Fans of the Istanbul-based Turkish football club have tweeted large amounts of antisemitic abuse following their European qualifying match against Hapoel Beersheba.

Avlaremoz documented some of the tweets, which included:

“We will write ‘champion Besiktas’ on Jewish sperm.”‎

“We drew Jewish sons of bitches. If we do not score 5 goals, we are not men. ‎Jewish bastards.”‎

“You will say ‘Mr. Besiktas who f—s Jews.'”‎

‎”We want Jewish asses.”‎

“Do not return without raping the Jewish bastards. Wish you success, Besiktas.”‎

‎”Hey Israel, we are coming to f— your mothers!”‎

‎”We drew Hapoel. There will be +18 Jewish porn. Nice lots.”‎

‎”Get ready for World War IV. My Besiktas will play against the Jewish bastard ‎Israeli team. There will be a bloodbath. Hapoel [Beer]Sheba.”‎

‎”Come on, Jewish bastards. Let us vomit our hatred on you.”‎

“Are you ready, Besiktas? This time you will walk up to the Jew.”‎

‎”Let’s go to Israel and burn Jews for the love of Besiktas.”‎

One referred to a Hadith of Jews hiding behind trees, tweeting “So we will Fuck the Jewish sperm behind gharqad trees one by one?”.

Earlier this week we covered similar antisemitic tweets originating in Turkey, following political unrest surrounding the assassination of the Russian ambassador, and last month a Turkish Jewish writer was murdered in the street with a police investigation still in progress, which is yet to rule out antisemitism as a motive.