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German Parliamentary candidate appears to call for Hitler’s return, apparently faces no discipline from her Party

Elena Roon, a Parliamentary candidate for the far right “Alternative for Germany” party, has posted an image of Hitler with the caption “Missed since 1945”.

She is a party Chairwoman in Nuremberg, and will be running for Parliament in the area.

She allegedly shared the image in a private Whatsapp group.

The full caption stated “Missed since 1945 … Adolf, please get in touch! Germany needs you! The German people!”

Roon did not deny sending the images, but publicly stated that she  repudiates “right-wing extremism and anti-Semitism”.

She also denied wishing for Hitler to return, saying “whoever wishes to draw the conclusion that I condone what it says in the images is twisting the truth round completely”.

Such denial will be of little comfort to Jews and other minority groups within Germany, who see a far right party whose members will put on a respectable face when facing the public, but who are clearly happy to glorify Nazism and to hold antisemitic and racist attitudes privately.

The Party’s regional head said that the allegations were “most probably unfounded”, having said that there would be consequences if she had harmed the party. The fact that consequences were only cited in relation to the Party’s reputation, as opposed to the fact that she has called for Hitler’s return, shows how little a problem the party’s establishment has with antisemitism.