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Australian Imam blames Jews for “LGBT agenda”, “the abortion industry” and “American foreign policy”

An antisemitic Muslim religious leader, Imam Feizel Chothia, who has accused Israel of entering refugee camps so that Israeli soldiers can shoot children, and supports the death penalty for “homosexuals” under Islamic law, has created a partnership with Anglican Reverend Peter Humphries of St. Paul’s Church in Perth, Australia.

According to Chothia, Israel, not only stands for terrorism, but is also the only terrorist in the Middle East; Hamas, ISIS, the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, suicide bombers, rockets, and knife stabbings that harm Israeli Jews simply do not exist for Chothia.

In addition, according to the Imam’s Facebook page, besides “terrorizing Palestine for about 70 years”, Israeli Jews and American Jews are responsible for:

a) the promotion of “Jewish racial supremacist ideology”, which supports Israel’s “land thievery, terrorism and genocide in Palestine”

b)”the advancement of the LGBT agenda, the abortion industry, [and] the pornography industry” which spreads “Cultural Marxism” throughout the United States and Europe

c) owning and controlling “the major media consortium operating the in the West”

d) “routinely buying American Presidential elections and congressional seats and committee assignments on Capitol Hill”

e) controlling “central banking and globalist TRADE treaties”

f)”Israel’s usurpation of American foreign policy”

It must be emphasized that neither the Anglican Church nor Reverend Humphries supports the imam’s views. However,  due to Chothia’s highly toxic rhetoric and antisemitic Facebook posts, it is deeply troubling that St. Paul’s is not only donating church space for Friday prayer meetings, but is also offering to sell land adjacent to the church, so that Chothia can build a mosque, which will give Chothia a platform to spread his toxic antisemitism.

It is unknown as to why the Anglican church is turning a blind eye to Chothia’s antisemitic commentary. What is particularly worrisome about Chothia is that, while he doesn’t call for violence, he champions Al-Qaeda’s ideology, and has championed the charge that Islamic terrorism is largely innocent and purely a result of American intervention.

It is, therefore, no surprise that Chothia’s absurd comments evoke classic antisemitic tropes. For in Chothia’s eyes, the evil money-mad and power-mad Jews, who delight in creating world-wide suffering, have only one goal: to control the world by owning and controlling the banks, the media, American government, global trade policies and global foreign policies.

In another antisemitic trope, Chothia implies that Jews are evil and are are out to destroy the moral order of the world because they support equal rights for gay people. In fact, in blaming Jews for everything from war and central banking to abortion, Chothia is using Jews as a scapegoat for all the things he sees as problems in the world.

In an article in the Sydney Herald Sun, Chothia states that that he believes in executing homosexuals in order to maintain the “purity of society” and eliminate “elements of perversity”.


Reverend Humphries and the Anglican Church appear to have approached the partnership in good faith, and interfaith dialogue is extremely important to promote tolerance and inclusion. However, there is also a need to prevent such dialogue being dominated by voices of intolerance, particularly those who masquerade as legitimate religious leaders.