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Florida neo-Nazi arrested after allegedly building bombs to attack Synagogues

Federal Investigators who have been investigating a double murder found bomb-making materials at the home of a Florida neo-Nazi over the course of their investigation.

The authorities were investigating  Devon Arthurs, a neo-Nazi who allegedly killed his two room-mates after they disrespected his conversion to Islam.

When investigating this murder, they arrested Brandon Russell, who is accused of possessing bomb-making materials, intending to use them to attack Synagogues and nuclear facilities. Rifles, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and a face mask were also found.

The materials were found in Russell’s apartment in Tampa, Florida, though he is not suspected of involvement in the double murder.

Russell is reportedly a Private in the US military.

Investigators  believe that Russell may be the ringleader of the neo-Nazi Atomwaffen Division, which Everyday Antisemitism reported on earlier this year, following a series of campaigns which were praised by neo-Nazis, in which the group attempted to recruit students and gain publicity through YouTube videos documenting their recruitment stunts. Following our research into the group, we described them as a  “rising force in extremist politics”.


However, if these allegations are shown to be true, they will represent a serious escalation in neo-Nazi activity in the United States, highlighting the importance of documenting and combating such groups when they are in their infancy.

The authorities have thankfully said that they do not believe there to be an imminent threat.