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Man arrested after walking through Florida town screaming antisemitic threats on Thanksgiving morning

A man identified as 32-year-old Michael Andrew Winters has been arrested for allegedly walking through the streets of a Florida town screaming antisemitic threats.

Surfside, Florida, was described as being put “on edge” by the incident, which took place early on Thanksgiving morning.

Video footage shows Winters allegedly walking down Collins Avenue, and can be viewed here.

One Jewish eyewitness said “he said that he hated the Jewish community and he was going to destroy and kill the Jews, and that he was not kidding”

Local news claims that the threats were “predominantly” aimed at the Jewish community, but he also shouted “Everybody in Miami knows those cops are pieces of [expletive]”.

Local residents are said to be somewhat shaken by the incident, which was clearly intrusive and intimidating, particularly to Jewish residents. However, the police intervened before anyone was hurt.