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Neo-Nazi recruiting posters found near University of Omaha Nebraska, as neo-Nazi groups increasingly seek to recruit students

Antisemitic posters seemingly recruiting for neo-Nazi groups have been found near the University of Omaha Nebraska campus.

The posters, which urge the public to join a “Stormer book club” feature antisemitic caricatures of Jews, ask “why are Jews after our guns?” and show the Nazi “Jude” Star of David badge which was used to identify Jews during the Third Reich and the Holocaust alongside the name of prominent left wing Jewish politicians.

One of the posters also blamed Jews for “degeneracy”, 9-11, “white genocide” and mass immigration.

The name “Stormer book club” seems to be a reference to the Daily Stormer, a notorious neo-Nazi publication.

Last week we reported that neo-Nazi posters had been found at Duke University. Recruiting students has become an increasing priority for neo-Nazis across developed countries. Last year we reported similar tactics from Atomwaffen Division, one of whose members was caught allegedly in the preparatory stages of crafting a bomb with which he planned to carry out a terrorist attack.