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Phoenix woman allegedly sent 65,000 messages, including antisemitic abuse, after first date

A Phoenix woman has been celebrated by neo-Nazi publication the Daily Stormer after allegedly sending 65,000 messages to a Jewish man she went on one date with, many of which were antisemitic.

31-year-old Jacqueline Ades was arrested on May 8th and has been charged with alleged threatening, stalking, harassment and failure to appear in court.

Police say that among the threatening messages she sent included “I hope you die … you rotten filthy Jew”, “I’m like the new Hitler…man was a genius”, and saying she wanted to “bathe” in the man’s blood”.

Ades has claimed that she “loved him selflessly”, despite bombarding him with antisemitic abuse and death threats.

She also allegedly illegally broke into his home and carried a butcher’s knife.

The notorious neo-Nazi site the Daily Stormer described her as “awesome” and her actions, which apparently included thousands of similar messages to those detailed above, as a “harmless prank”.