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German neo-Nazis publish addresses of Jewish sites on Kristallnacht


BERLIN — A map pointing out locations of almost 70 synagogues, Jewish kindergartens, schools, memorials, businesses, restaurants and cemeteries has been posted on the Facebook page of a far-right Berlin group, on the anniversary of Kristallnacht. German police have launched an investigation. 

In the Gothic font commonly used by the Nazis, the words “Jews among us!” appeared on the map. “Kristallnacht” or the “Night of the Broken Glass” was a pogrom against the Jews which occurred on the 9th and 10th of November, 1938, and which is often cited as the starting point of the Holocaust. During the attacks, Nazi thugs plundered Jewish businesses throughout Germany, torched synagogues and rounded up about 30,000 Jewish men for deportation to concentration camps. The name Kristallnacht refers to the shards of broken glass that littered the streets.
The map was a chilling reminder of the lists of Jewish addresses published on the night of the 1938 pogroms, and a warning to Jews everywhere that anti-Semitism is ever present.
The Jewish institutions listed have been warned of the neo-Nazi post, according to the Tagesspiegel.
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Jewish man told that Hitler should have killed all the Jews in Brazilian airport

A young, Jewish, Brazilian man was the victim of a verbal anti-Semitic attack at Rio De Janiero airport, in October.

Leo Rabinovitsch, 20, was checking in to an Anitalia flight to Tel Aviv via Rome, with his mother, when allegedly he was accosted by Fabrizo Trichero, an Italian passenger who hurled anti-Semitic abuse at him. Seeing Rabinovitsch’s kippah, Trinchero made the Nazi salute at him, and screamed that Hitler should have exterminated all the Jews.

Rabinovitsch, whose only crime was being Jewish was shocked by the outburst. “Such offensive and sudden aggression was totally unexpected,” he told JTA. “He was fuelled by much hatred. He said he didn’t like either Jews or Muslims, and that Jews owned the World Bank.” Conspiracy theories such as these are common, and fuel anti-Semitism.

The incident at Antonio Carlos Jobim Airport, was reportedly witnessed by a number of staff and fellow passengers, whose presence potentially prevented this attack from turning violent.

Fabrizio Trinchero was released after paying a $600 bail following his arrest.