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German neo-Nazis publish addresses of Jewish sites on Kristallnacht


BERLIN — A map pointing out locations of almost 70 synagogues, Jewish kindergartens, schools, memorials, businesses, restaurants and cemeteries has been posted on the Facebook page of a far-right Berlin group, on the anniversary of Kristallnacht. German police have launched an investigation. 

In the Gothic font commonly used by the Nazis, the words “Jews among us!” appeared on the map. “Kristallnacht” or the “Night of the Broken Glass” was a pogrom against the Jews which occurred on the 9th and 10th of November, 1938, and which is often cited as the starting point of the Holocaust. During the attacks, Nazi thugs plundered Jewish businesses throughout Germany, torched synagogues and rounded up about 30,000 Jewish men for deportation to concentration camps. The name Kristallnacht refers to the shards of broken glass that littered the streets.
The map was a chilling reminder of the lists of Jewish addresses published on the night of the 1938 pogroms, and a warning to Jews everywhere that anti-Semitism is ever present.
The Jewish institutions listed have been warned of the neo-Nazi post, according to the Tagesspiegel.
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Kiev renames street to honour Nazi collaborator

Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine, has renamed a busy street after a Nazi collaborator.

What was formerly known as Moscow Avenue, a busy market street, will now be named after Stepan Bandara, who told Ukranians to “destroy” Jews.

A document published by Bandara’s faction stated that  “Jews must be isolated, removed from governmental positions in order to prevent sabotage, those who are deemed necessary may only work with an overseer… Jewish assimilation is not possible”.

Bandara was eventually deported to a concentration camp by the Nazis for declaring an independent Ukraine, but was released again in 1944. During those years his group engaged in ethnic cleansing, but his supporters claim that he sided with the Nazis solely because he thought it would lead to an independent Ukraine in the future.

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Palestinians routinely humiliated and put to death for selling land to Jews, according to report

An investigation by Israeli Channel 2 television has reported that it has discovered an activist who seeks out Palestinian Arabs who have sold land to Jews and arranges for them to be humiliated and executed by Palestinian police. The Palestinian Authority forbids the sale of land to Jews by law.

The investigation obtained a tape of far-left Israeli activist Ezra Nawi apparently bragging about how he reports Arabs who plan to sell land to Jews to the Palestinian Authority’s security forces, in the knowledge that they will be killed. “I hand them directly to the Palestinian security service,” Nawi says on the tape. When asked what happens once Palestinian Authority police arrests the sellers, Nawi says, “It catches them, kills them. First Zubur, then Gazanga.” According to the report, Zubur is an Arabic word used in Hebrew to describe humiliation and physical torment, and Gazanga is not a known word but implies death, in the context of the tape.

Source: Jewish Press

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President of Hungarian foundation blames “Zionism” for country’s problems

Following the reversal of a decision to erect a statue to a notorious Hungarian antisemite, the president of the foundation which had tried to erect the statue has written an official letter denouncing “Zionism” as the cause of Hungary’s problems.

Source: CFCA/Fórum az antiszemitizmus ellen

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Hungarian government funds statue of antisemitic wartime government minister

It has emerged that the Hungarian government has provided much of the funding for life-size bronze statue honouring Bálint Hóman. Hóman was a key figure in the persecution of Hungarian Jews before and during World War II. He played a significant role in the drafting of anti-Jewish laws adopted in Hungary during the late 1930s, and supported Nazi Germany and the fascist Arrow Cross regime in 1944. Hóman remained unrepentant until his death in 1951.

The Székesfehérvár foundation, which is erecting the statue (with a major contribution from the Hungarian taxpayer), claimed that the statue honours Hóman’s academic achievements, including co-authoring an eight-volume history of Hungary published between 1938 and 1941.

The President of the World Jewish Congress, Ronald Lauder, has called on Hungary to stop the unveiling.

Source: World Jewish Congress

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Florida Planning Committee member targeted for voting in favour of synagogue construction

A Boca Raton Planning and Zoning Committee member says he was targeted through social media and e-mail due to his vote in favour of a Synagogue and Jewish museum in East Boca Raton, Florida. The planned synagogue and Israel centre have reportedly been heavily opposed by local residents.


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French city’s residents object to new synagogue in case it attracts terrorists to the area

Residents of the French city of Perpignan have launched a legal bid to block the construction of a new synagogue. The residents are objecting on various grounds, including that the synagogue is likely to be a target for terrorists and therefore a risk to the area. The old synagogue had become dilapidated and the Jewish community hopes to build a new, more secure synagogue closer to the city centre.

Photo: Michel Clementz