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Saudi “scholar” claims that Jews are trying to take over the world using Hollywood

Sheikh Sa’ad ibn Abdullah Al-Humayd, a Saudi scholar who is Professor of Hadith studies at King Saud University in Riyadh, has used his prominent position in the country to peddle an antisemitic conspiracy theory.

Speaking on March 21 in an interview that was subsequently translated by MEMRI, he said “some people question the authenticity The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and indeed, we have some questions about this book” before continuing to say “it’s not clear how the news about so secret an organization can spread everywhere, especially since these people hold such power, as we all know. However, if we look at reality, we see that what appears in this book is implemented”.

He even speculated that Jews had circulated the infamous hoax themselves, saying “is it possible that they had studied the psychological effect that might be caused by reading such a book, and reached the conclusion that this psychological effect would serve them well? It’s possible. Only Allah knows. At any rate, we do not have proof for the authenticity of The Protocols, except for what exists in reality”.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was a infamous antisemitic hoax that originated in 19th Century Russia, and which has continually been used to incite violence against Jews, including by the Nazis who made extensive use of the text and its accusations.

He then mixes in a slightly more recent “Jews control Hollywood” conspiracy theory, saying “if we consider Hollywood, for example, and look at the films it produces, and at the feverish competition meant to preoccupy the people with the arts, with sports, with theater, and with films, and to aggrandize those insignificant people, such as actors, male and female dancers, sportsmen and sportswomen… This includes bringing women into games which they cannot perform, but into which they have been cast. It includes the arts, in all its diverse forms. They drown the people in such an atmosphere”.

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Antisemitic Literature Displayed at US-supported Book Fair

The Riyadh Book Fair in Saudi Arabia featured several stalls which prominently displayed antisemitic propaganda, including books accusing Jews and ‘Zionists’ of operating a global conspiracy, as well as Mein Kampf, it has been reported.

Whilst it is perhaps not particularly shocking to hear that such books are being openly sold in Saudi Arabia, Arabs News described the United States as a ‘major participating country’ in the event, and US Cultural Attaché David Edginton felt it to be appropriate to ‘congratulate’ the Saudis on the event, which he saw as an opportunity to ‘exchange ideas freely’. A spokesmen for the US Department of State has refused to rule out the possibility of returning to the book fair next year.

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Saudi television tells viewers about the “criminal and Satanic nature” of the Jews

Palestinian scholar Samir Said has spoken to Saudi Arabian Al-Majd TV, about what he called the “criminal and Satanic nature” of the Jews. He claimed that they were “the enemies of Mankind,” who had “killed 70 prophets in a single day.” Said is a member of the Jerusalem Committee of the International Union of Muslim Scholars

Source: MEMRI

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Saudi TV interview begins: “The Jews are today’s plague, a malignant disease,” then just gets worse

A viciously antisemitic television interview in Saudi Arabia has been brought to light by MEMRI. The interview begins with anchor Majed Ababutin declaring: “The Jews are today’s plague, a malignant disease. Their history is black, and their stories are stained with bloodshed.”

The interview with Saudi cleric Sheikh Muhammad Al-Munajid gets worse from there. Al-Munajid tells viewers: “The Jews are at the top of the list of enemies. The Jews of today are the same as the Jews of yesterday. This does not require any proof. Allah has shown us their traits, and the Prophet Muhammad has told us that our battle with them will continue until the end of time, when they will be led by the Antichrist…Treachery courses through the veins [of the Jews] like blood.”

Ababutin then asks: “Does hatred of the Jews constitute a form of worship in and of itself?” Al-Munajid responds: “The question is: Do they hate us? This is a nation that believes that anyone not of their religion is an impure pig. This appears word for word in their false Torah. The Jews have the right to rape non-Jewish women. It appears in their scriptures. They are arrogant people. They say: ‘We are the beloved sons of God.’ I don’t have anything personal against the Jews. Not at all. Our hatred of them stems from their having cursed Allah. They are polytheists. In their Talmud, they say that the rabbis are the masters of God, and that He must do as they say…They say that for three hours each morning, Allah plays with the king of the fish.”

Continuing his questioning, Ababutin asks: “Many Muslims were put to the test by having to live alongside the Jews, in the West or even in Palestine. To what extent is there coexistence with the Jews? What are the sharia rulings regarding coexistence with the Jews?” Al-Munajid answered: “First of all, we call them to join the belief in Allah. We call every infidel, no matter how much we despise him, to Allah. We would like him to follow the true guidance. Secondly, if there had been dhimma relations between us, and they paid the jizya poll tax and lived under the protection of the Muslims, it would have been impermissible for us to do them an injustice or harm them…The Jews were ostracised. In the Ukraine and some other countries, when they saw what the [Jews] had done, they took them and threw them over the border. They were ostracised. But now that the Islamic caliphate has grown weaker and disintegrated, the Basel Congress was convened, and they implemented the Protocols [of the Elders of Zion], and the Crusaders collaborated with them following Balfour…Their state was established, and we became victims.”


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Saudi book fair promotes antisemitic literature, including Mein Kampf and book by former KKK leader

Jed­dah Inter­na­tional Book Fair in Saudi Ara­bia has reportedly offered several antisemitic books for sale. The fair, which took place 12th-22nd December hosted over 350 publishing houses from 21 countries. Included on its ‘book list’ were My Awak­en­ing: The Jew­ish Influ­ence in the United States by David Duke, White-nationalist, antisemitic conspiracy theorist, far-right politician and former ‘Grand Wizard’ of the Ku Klux Klan. His work was classified by the fair as “political science”.

Further featured works included Adolph Hitler’s Mein Kampf and a book entitled Free Masons, The Jews and The Torah by Dr Noman Al Sama­rayi, which pro­motes conspiracy the­o­ries about Jew­ish “world domination”.

The recent Doha Inter­na­tional Book Fair in Qatar also included antisemitic titles, such as the Arabic Jew­ish Encyclopaedia, which is described in its introduction as a book “to help learn about Jews and their wickedness, treason and deception, which they practiced with all nations, so not to be deceived by them and by their promises of false peace.”

Sources: ADL, Wikipedia