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New Jersey Erev debate sparks concerns that lawfare is being used to target religious Jews, as vandalism and online abuse escalate

Residents of Mahwah, a town in New Jersey have raised concerns about an Orthodox Jewish community just across the New York border which plans to expand. More than 200 people gathered to support the removal of an eruv last month. The opposition to the expansion was met with criticism, the concerns of which lie with antisemitism.

The town of Mahwah is reconsidering implementing a new law which limits its parks and playgrounds to New Jersey residents alone.  The law was initially proposed when residents complained that cars with New York license plates were being parked near the border.

However, the county’s prosecutor ordered the police not to enforce it after Mahwah’s police chief suspected that people reporting the violations were targeting Jews.

Rabbi Moses Witriol, a frequent liaison between Mahwah’s police force and the Hasidic  community found the move perplexing, “What’s your real target and agenda here?” questioning the motives of the council members who were for implementation. “It’s a park for kids to play. Are we going to differentiate between which kids can play?” Additionally, an eruv marking in the same area was also vandalised the week before; with some targeting the Jewish community with antisemitic posts in an online petition protesting against the Erev.

Some signatories to the petition described Jews as thinking they “can do whatever the hell they want”, imploring residents to “keep them out”. Another called Jews “things”. Another signatory wrote “they are clearly trying to annex land like they’ve been doing in Occupied Palestine. Look up the satanic verses of the Talmud and tell me what you see”. Multiple people described Hasidic Jews as detracting from the “quality” of the community, or “taking over illegally” in other areas. These are all blatantly antisemitic comments, and of the 1200 people who have signed it, most seem to be expressing views which see religious Jews as little more than pests who must be kept out.

The eruv dispute arose contemporaneously with the park ordinance issue; deepening Jewish concerns that this may be an antisemitic incident. Supporters of the measure however say they are being unfairly depicted as antisemitic; their interests simply lie in the wellbeing of their town.

The Mahwah Council President Rob Hermansen issued a statement saying Mahwah residents began complaining earlier in the year about vehicles from New York occupying parking lots at Winter Pond, a recreational area close to the town’s train station. He went on to say that the ordinance was to curb the number of people from outside the town using parks, not to target Jews.

Mr Hermansen made further assurances, stating that “the principle behind this ordinance is very simple, in Mahwah, Mahwah residents come first.” He also condemned the anti-Semitic comments made online, and the town is now looking to release a second ordinance that clarifies how the ban might be enforced.

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Neo-Nazis distribute antisemitic “thieving Jews near you” leaflets, place banner on Holocaust memorial in Lakewood, NJ

Antisemites who appear to be members or supporters of the neo-Nazi group called Vanguard America have distributed antisemitic leaflets on cars in Lakewood, New Jersey, and have placed an antisemitic banner on a Holocaust memorial.

Photos show a banner which reads “(((HEEBS))) will not divide us” draped over a Holocaust memorial at a Lakewood Synagogue. The brackets are known as “echoes”, and are an antisemitic device used initially by the Alt Right to identify Jews, though many Jews started using them to “reclaim” the symbol. The phrase itself alludes to the antisemitic canard of Jews attempting to set other groups against each other to maintain control over politics, itself a variant of the general canard of Jews controlling politics and world events.

The authorities are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible.

The same group also posted leaflets on windscreens in the area which read “thieving Jews near you” continuing to say “1.4% of the American population is Jewish.  48% of American billionaires are Jewish. Does crime pay for Jews?”. The leaflet refers to several Orthodox Jews who have been arrested following accusations of fraud. However, the fact that it attempts to take this isolated, and as-of-yet unproven, case as an illustration of how Jews are allegedly dishonest and have been dishonest in enriching themselves in America is, of course, inherently antisemitic.

Unsurprisingly, the groups website is nothing short of shocking. They claim that the world economy is controlled by a “rootless group of international Jews” who wrap “chains of debt slavery” around “White Americans”. This idea, as well as the language of “rootless” Jews, is taken straight from Nazi propaganda, having been left virtually unchanged. They call for an “exclusively” White America, and perhaps most notably, have taken the name of their website from a Nazi slogan.

The banner placed on the Holocaust memorial is shown below

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Jewish Democrat portrayed as the Devil in antisemitic flyer

A picture has emerged of a flyer which portrays Jewish Congressional challenger, Josh Gottheimer, as a devil.

Gottheimer is running as a Democrat for Congress in New Jersey.

The flyers depict Gottheimer with devil horns. Jews having horns, and Jews being devils, are both antisemitic canards which were common in Christian Europe from the Middle Ages onwards.

The flyers also make a series of other allegations, such as Gottheimer wishing to legalise “11th hour partial birth abortions”.

The image of Gottheimer  has a speech bubble saying “But big media owns me”. Accusing Jewish politicians of being in league with “big media” plays on antisemitic stereotypes and should be avoided.

His opponent Rep. Scott Garrett has publicly condemned the flyers, and their origin is unknown.

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Swastikas in playground in N.J. Jewish community

Nine swastikas were found painted in a playground in Howell Park, New Jersey.

The playground is frequently visited by members of the Jewish community.

Police found the Swastikas at Echo Lake Park on Monday.

The park is just immediately north of the border with Lakewood, which is home to a very large Orthodox community and Yeshiva.

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“Burn the Jews” graffiti at American playground

The words “Burn the Jews” were scratched on to equipment at a playground in New Jersey, USA, in an incident that prompted the local mayor to speak out against antisemitism.

Police found the graffiti with other obscene messages at Riverwood Park in the township of Toms River on 1st March, leading the mayor, Thomas Kelaher, to release a statement the next day.

He said: “In Toms River, we have no tolerance for antisemitic attacks. We will not accept this reprehensible behaviour. This action is being rightfully condemned and thoroughly investigated.”

Police said they are looking into whether the graffiti was carved by “ignorant teenagers or was of a more direct and sinister nature directed at the Jewish faith”, and urged residents to call the Toms River Police Department with any information.

Staff from the local buildings and grounds department removed the graffiti from the equipment.

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Repeated case of antisemitic vandalism at student hall of residence in New Jersey

Yet again, antisemitic carvings have been discovered at the Chestnut Hall students’ residence at Rowan University in New Jersey. Swastikas have been found etched into the side of a stairwell. This follows a similar incident earlier this month, when several swastikas and other antisemitic symbols were discovered carved into doors at the student halls.

Chestnut Hall is a freshmen residence hall housing more than 350 students.

Investigations are ongoing.

Source: Jewish Exponent


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Car parked outside New Jersey synagogue vandalised in the fifth such incident

For the fifth time, a car parked outside the Vialapol synagogue in Lakewood, New Jersey, has been vandalised. The vehicle’s owner returned to his car to discover that his rear window had been smashed, apparently done by the same vandal or vandals that stuck multiple other cars at the same synagogue. in the past. Local police have taken reports of the incidents, but nobody has been identified yet.

Source: CFCA/The Lakewood Scoop

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New Jersey thug abuses Jewish disabled man and smashes his car headlight

Police in Brick, New Jersey are investigating an antisemitic incident in which a Jewish disabled man was verbally abused by a thug who then kicked out his car headlight. The victim was entering a shop when a white male approached him and shouted: “That’s the problem with your people. You guys think we owe you everything. We don’t owe your people s***.”


Source: The Lakewood Scoop

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Swastikas carved into doors at student hall of residence in New Jersey

Several swastikas and other antisemitic symbols have been discovered carved into the doors of the Chestnut Hall students’ residence at Rowan University. None of the students living in the hall of residence were Jewish.

Rabbi Hersh Loschak, co-director of the Rohr Family Jewish Student Center (Chabad of Rowan University) issued a statement saying: “The people who committed these acts did so in order to spread hate on campus…We refuse to be intimidated or frightened, in fact we will use this incident as a motivation to increase the light and expand our programming for Jewish students on campus.”

Police are investigating the incident, and officials are asking anyone with information about the vandalism to contact the university’s public safety office on 856-256-4922.


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New Jersey school finds swastika and “Jews” written on pitch with shaving foam and eggs

The girls’ football team at Dwight-Englewood School arrived at the school’s Solomon Field to find a swastika and the word “Jews” marked out using shaving foam and eggs. Local police are reviewing CCTV footage.