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Canadian Islamic website suggests Israel is behind Paris atrocity and ISIS

An article on Crescent International, a Canadian website run by the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought has suggested that Israel was behind the terrorist attacks in Paris. An article titled “Paris attacks: Who done it?” speculates that likely author of the attack is Israel, which the article also claims is behind ISIS: “Who could be behind it? Of all the intelligence agencies, the one that stands out is the Zionist agency, Mossad. It has deep roots in France and has many facilitators in the country. What could be their motive? Simple. The US-Zionist-Saudi-backed takfiri terrorists are being degraded through Russian bombings. It may be a desperate move by the Zionists to force Western regimes to send their troops against the government of President Asad [sic]. His army has recently made gains against the terrorists and has recaptured a number of areas from their control.”

Crescent International usually echoes a pro-Iranian line, according to CIJ News.

Source: CFCA/CIJ News

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