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Erykah Badu says she “saw something good in Hitler” describing him as a “poor thing” who “had a terrible childhood”

Erykah Badu, an American singer-songwriter, has been condemned by the ADL after claiming that she “sees the good in everybody”, including Adolf Hitler, in an interview with Vulture.

She was asked about a 2008 trip to the Palestinian Territories in which she was criticised for denying Louis Farrrakhan’s antisemitism, who has a long history of antisemitic comments, which can be read about here. Badu claimed that she sees “good in everybody”, saying:

“I’m not Muslim, I’m not Christian, I’m not anything; I’m an observer who can see good things and bad things. If you say something good about someone, people think it means that you’ve chosen a side. But I don’t choose sides. I see all sides simultaneously. I’m also okay with anything I had to say about Louis Farrakhan. But I’m not an antisemitic person”.

She then continued to say “I don’t even know what antisemitic was before I was called it. I’m a humanist. I see good in everybody. I saw something good in Hitler. He was a wonderful painter”.

When she was challenged on this she retracted her assertion that Hitler was a wonderful painter, yet continued to try to find ways to defend him, stating “Poor thing. He had a terrible childhood”.

Having previously defended a notorious antisemite, Badu now seems to be trying to find any excuse to portray Hitler as a person with salvageable moral qualities, something which is almost invariably a precursor to downplaying the nature of Hitler’s crimes. Describing Hitler as a “poor thing” is an outright statement of sympathy for the man responsible for the extermination of 6 million Jews and millions of others.

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League responded to the comments almost immediately. In a statement shortly after the interview was released he wrote:

“I also like to think that there is good in all people, but Hitler is pure evil. I don’t care if he painted or was a vegetarian; Hitler is responsible for the deaths of 6 million Jews & a war that claimed the lives of tens of millions. Shame on you for downplaying that. You are a role model to many, and as such, you should immediately apologize for these irresponsible and misguided comments”

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Scandinavian online bookshop selling antisemitic propaganda for the fourth time

Adlibris, the leading online book retailer in Scandinavia, has been found to be selling antisemitic propaganda, including the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Adlibris had previously been called out on selling antisemitic books, and claimed to have taken action. This is at least the fourth time that the infamous antisemitic hoax text was available on its site.

The company’s information officer released the following statement:

“We have decided not to offer the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and we check every now and then if the book is on our list. However, we happen to work with distributors worldwide, and there are many self-publishers. This means we get up to 75,000 titles a month, and books registered with Amazon automatically get registered on our site too. We need to remove them afterwards and do it manually”

The book has since been removed from the site. However, several other antisemitic books are still available there, including Henry Ford’s “The International Jew”.

Whilst it is important that people are able to study these antisemitic texts in some capacity, it is potentially dangerous for them to be sold without a disclaimer of the factual inaccuracy and an explanation of the context of the text, especially as the authors present the texts as factual.


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Holocaust denial and sympathy for Hitler in Chinese media

A postgraduate student in China has publicised material from Baidu News which allegedly espouses Holocaust denial, as well as promoting myths about Hitler’s life designed to evoke sympathy for the man in the Chinese public.

In one article, the author claims that only “tens of thousands of Jews” were killed by the Nazis. Such a huge underestimate of Jews murdered by the Nazis can only be described as Holocaust denial, and it is antisemitic to deny “the fact, scope, mechanisms (e.g. gas chambers) or intentionality of the genocide of the Jewish people at the hands of National Socialist Germany and its supporters and accomplices during World War II (the Holocaust)” according to the International Definition of Antisemitism.

The second article relays an apocryphal story claiming that Hitler had sympathy for the Chinese, but secretly disliked the Japanese, as he was poor and was assisted by a Chinese family in Vienna.

China has been said to have an “obsession” with Hitler, which at best comes across as in extremely bad taste in the Western World. However, deliberate attempts to deny the Holocaust go far, far beyond mere bad taste and are clearly extremely antisemitic.

Baidu is described as “effectively state media”. This is due to the extremely tight controls on information platforms in China, in which very little media is allowed without meeting the stringent censorship requirements set out by state policy.

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Antisemitic Christian writer hopes Trump will exterminate the Jews

Texe Marrs is a Christian fundamentalist and conspiracy theorist who has rallied behind Donald Trump.

In the past he has authored books with titles such as “Holy Serpent of the Jews: The Rabbis’ Secret Plan for Satan to Crush Their Enemies and Vault the Jews to Global Dominion” and “Conspiracies of the Six Pointed Star”.

On a podcast with another far-right extremist, Mike Rense, Marrs declared that Donald Trump could be an “instrument of God” to destroy the Jews. He had suggested that Stalin had been planning to exterminate the Jews of the Soviet Union, but was assassinated before he could, and that Hitler is unfairly criticised. Whilst he goes on to talk about “Israel” being destroyed, his past writings in which he frequently speaks of “Jewish” conspiracies, which he references in the last paragraph quoted here, as well as the context in which he defends the murder of Jews, demonstrate that Marrs is not talking about political opposition to Israel. He goes on to say:
Israel is going to be destroyed and it is going to happen so fast we’ll all be shocked about it. It’s going to happen and I’ve been wondering if maybe, let me just say something here, could Trump be the instrument of God in this? He doesn’t have to be a Hitler, he doesn’t have to be a Stalin, he can simply be a good guy.”

“He’s going to have to move very fast against these people”

“[Trump] may be so smart though, and intelligent that he outwits them…he’s their friend, he’s their pal, he’s their buddy and then it’s suddenly, wow. He takes the woman, the whore, so to speak, Mystery Babylon the Great and suddenly he destroys her, in one single hour she will be destroyed

“I pray they get what’s coming to them”

“These people who have done such horrible things over the years and who, right now, are plotting such horrible deeds against gentiles and others, I hope they get what they deserve. I hope they do and I hope maybe Trump could be the instrument of it.”

In his other work, he has accused George Bush of attending a Black Mass in the Great Pyramid of Giza and claimed that the Clintons are “deep into Egyptian occultism and Masonic magic”.

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California man allegedly threatened to “desecrate” Synagogues, wanted Jews “cleansed” from the planet

A man was arrested on Thursday morning, in close proximity to one of the sites for the Jewish Maccabi Games and a Synagogue, for allegedly making several threats in a video he made and posted online.

Yoon Chul Shin posted the video on dailymotion last month, which allegedly threatened to “desecrate” Synagogues and also made threats that amounted to genocide, stating “Now I’m on a f**king mission all of you Jewish c***s will be cleansed from this f**king planet”.

Shin was pulled over near Temple Beth El and police initially suspected that he had explosive materials in his car, though an extensive search was not able to reveal them. The Temple was evacuated for the duration of the search.

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British reggae artist accuses ‘white’ Jews of being liars and thieves

As a regular attendee of reggae performances for over 15 years, the inclusive message of the music has always appealed to me with regular themes including ‘one love’, ‘unity’ and ‘all tribes welcome’. It is therefore especially disappointing when respected reggae artists use racist language about Jewish people. On 10 May, Ras Kayleb from the London-based Channel One Sound System wrote a public Facebook post stating:

“Now I say anyone who is white and says hes a jew is a liar and teef. Research its not hidden.”

“…as far as im concern them man dem inna so call isreal are not jews. Here what I say they are not jews. False jews! They stole a next mans identity. Look history tells us.”

The idea that there false and wicked Jews is a long-running anti-Semitic discourse. The same goes for the accusation that Jews are inherently dishonest ‘liars’, have ‘stolen’ something, or are responsible for the oppression of others. The comments also play on racist notions of ‘authenticity’ based on skin colour.

Also Ras Tweed, a British reggae singer now based in France, wrote comments denying the existence of anti-Semitism or Semitic peoples (i.e. Jews):


“…how can a person of group of persons be Anti Semitic? When Semitic refers to a GROUP of Languages spoken by a group of people. It is NOT a Ethnic Group of people.”

I have experienced anti-Semitism only a handful of times in the reggae scene – where anti-racism and diversity are guiding principles – and very much hope that it is a marginal phenomenon. Nevertheless, I feel it is vital to call it out where it rears its head, especially as these artists perform around the world where they have an influence on hundreds of thousands of people. There is also a sad irony that Channel One have performed in Israel where they were warmly received.

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Nazi headphones advertised as “Final solution to the audio problem”, an internet shopping community similar to eBay, added a controversial item to their inventory: a pair of Hitler-brand headphones with swastika insignias on each side. Called “‘Klangs’ by Hitler”, a pun on the popular headphone brand known as “‘Beats’ by Dre”, these headphones received quite a bit of attention from users.

Ori Ohana, a program coordinator for the organization Israeli Students Combating Anti-Semitism, explained that “In many cases, it [the glorification and normalisation of Hitler] is intended as a joke, but we believe that it is done mostly to keep the image of Hitler alive in an attempt to make him more normative, acceptable and popular.” ISCA has reported the headphones to in the hope that they will remove them immediately from their site.

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Article on Armenian genocide prompts antisemitic comments and Holocaust denial

An article about the Australian government’s dealings with an organisation that denies the Armenian genocide prompted a spate of antisemitic comments denying the Holocaust.

The article by Meher Grigorian, published in the New Matilda online magazine, discussed the Australian Human Rights Commission’s connection with the Turkish Advocacy Alliance (ATAA) via its “Racism: It Stops With Me” campaign.

Grigorian argued that the ATAA and Turkish government aim to diminish the crimes of the Ottoman authorities and explain the mass murder of civilians as a matter of “military necessity”, while blaming the victims for the atrocities committed against them.

The ATAA’s website states: “…there is no historical evidence showing that [the] Ottoman Government ordered a systematical [sic] killing of the Armenian people like Hitler did against the Jewish people in Europe,” which it has been argued desecrates the memory of the Holocaust by using it to diminish another genocide.

The article’s comments section soon attracted a contribution about Jews being responsible for the world’s evils. When alerted, New Matilda removed the comment and stated that any members engaging in Holocaust denial would be banned.

This prompted a response from a convicted Holocaust denier named Fredrick Toben, who runs an antisemitic website. He asked: “…does this mean your site will not even entertain discussing how the Holocaust narrative has changed over the past three decades?”

Another reader argued that Jews and Americans lead an attempt to ignore genocides other than the Holocaust, and that the “…Zionist-subverted Western Mainstream media ignore the ongoing Palestinian Genocide … and the US Alliance-imposed carnage in the Muslim World…”.

Another contributor offered conspiracy theories about the “Freemason Zionist” B’nai B’rith organisation, linking to a White Pride organisation by way of evidence.

And yet another tried to play down the Holocaust by asking: “Isn’t acceptance of the Armenian genocide ’minimising the holocaust’ by admitting there have been other and just as deadly holocausts since humans learnt to kill?”

New Matilda’s editor promised that “any comments which seek to minimise or deny the Holocaust will result in an immediate ban of the reader from our site.”

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Germany shuts down far-right website promoting antisemitism, Nazism and Holocaust denial

Germany has banned a far-right website, Altermedia Deutschland, reported to promote material of a “racist, xenophobic, homophobic, antisemitic and anti-Islamic” nature.

Raids were carried out on homes in four German states and a town in Spain. Two German people have been arrested on suspicion of incitement and founding a criminal organisation.

Material promoted by the site included Nazi slogans, Holocaust denial and incitement of violence towards foreigners.

The head of Germany’s domestic intelligence, Hans-Georg Maassen, told reporters, “There is the danger of a grey zone developing between far-right extremists, right-wing conservatives and citizen protesters with significant potential for violence.”

Source: Mail on Sunday

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German national radio claims Hamas “cannot be antisemitic”

Deutschlandfunk, part of Deutschlandradio, Germany’s national, public broadcasting institution, published an article yesterday stating that Hamas (which has a decisive majority in the Palestinian Authority legislature) was “almost” antisemtic.

Hamas’ charter calls for the destruction of Jews and is therefore genocidal in its antisemitism, stating: “Hamas has been looking forward to implement Allah’s promise whatever time it might take. The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said:The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!”

Following a public outcry, Deutschlandfunk published a ‘clarification’ on their Facebook page, where they stated that the use of the term “antisemitism” to describe Jew-hatred is not representative of its original use. They go on to remark, “Arabs themselves are Semites and therefore can hardly be antisemitic themselves. This includes Hamas. But many Arabs, including Hamas supporters, do not refer to ‘the Israelis’ but rather ‘the Jews’ (Al Yehud), as it was Jews who came to Palestine as Zionists [sic]…Thus Arab delegitimisation and contempt towards Israelis is linguistically ‘almost’ identical to the Nazis’ antisemitism. But only ‘almost’. We apologise that this has lead to misunderstandings.”

Muddying Jew-hatred, by disingenuously claiming the term “antisemitism” must refer to opposition to those from the Semitic region, is a long-established method of denying Jews the ability to voice opposition to those who are persecuting them.

Sources: DeutschlandfunkWikipedia, Article Seven of the Hamas Charter

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Viral media website using antisemitic conspiracy theory to generate clicks

FML Gone Viral, a website which circulates viral social media links, is using a vile antisemitic conspiracy theory to generate clicks. The website, which makes its money by displaying advertisements alongside its content, has been spreading a fictional dialogue between Adolf Hitler and a soldier which alleges that Hitler was trying to save “negroes” who are the “true Hebrews”. According to the story, “white jews knows that the negros are the real children of Israel. And to keep Americas secret, the jews will blackmail America.  The jews will extort America Their plan for world domination wont work if the negros knew who they were.”

The fictional story has been viewed by almost 100,000 people and comments appearing at the bottom of the page show that while some readers were incredulous, the story has garnered fierce support from internet users who believe that Jews are in fact masquerading as Jews to disenfranchise black people, and that Hitler was trying to save black people from the hegemony of the ‘false’ white Jews.

Those who did not believe the story were invariably told by believers to do some “research”. For example Felix Dickinson commented: “…lol come on now. Is that why he was adamant black people couldn’t be in his Olympics? Is that why the US was not even going to enter the war until pearl harbor? Honestly this is the dumbest thing I’ve read in a while”, but was answered by Christopher Shepherd who replied: “He didn’t want my people to take part in it because he knew it was wrong we were a holy people do you know what holy means it means separate meaning that if we were still separate then we wouldn’t of wanted no part of useless Olympics but since the synagogue of satan stole us and brought us to our brothers and sisters massive stolen land that is called America today then we learned the white mans ways and being a part of the Olympics is one of them”.

The FML Gone Viral website is registered to Sandi Chang of Ontario, Canada, whose telephone number is listed as +1 647 261 6448 and whose e-mail address is listed as [email protected].

The full antisemitic story is as follows:

Hitler said even in his death he will start World War 3. One of his soliders asked how? Hitler replied….

Hitler said even in his death he will start World War 3.

One of his soldiers asked how?

Hitler replied, “The day mankind finds out what I was trying to defend this nation, Germany, from then thats the day World War 3 will start. For on that day, mankind will learn that I was trying to save my Nation from The Free Masons, the Illuminati, the jews. For if the Americans wins the war, then they will conquer the world and forever be a slave to the jews and they will try to conquer God. Do you know who America has in its possession?

“NO,” the solider replied.

The Americans has the jewels of God. The Americans have stolen God’s precious jewels.
“What do you mean his precious jewels?” THE SOLIDER asked.

Hitler said, “America has stolen the jews. The Jews of God. His jewelry. The negros. They are the true hebrews. What a foolish move and a direct challenge to God. And they plan on moving these false white jews into a state of Israel.

America is desperate in its attempt to win this war using atom bombs on Japan. America will destroy the whole world in its attempt to conquer it.

When America and its jewish slave masters conquer the world and the world realize I was right, then all nations will begin a third world war to dethrone America of its rule. Every nation will soon possess atom bombs of their own. It will be the end of most of the world as we know it.

“Why will the jews control America?” the solider asked

Hitler said, “because the white jews knows that the negros are the real children of Israel. And to keep Americas secret, the jews will blackmail America. The jews will extort America Their plan for world domination wont work if the negros knew who they were. The white citizens of America will be terrified to know that all this time they’ve been mistreating and discriminating and lynching the childen of Israel. They will fear God will destroy them as he destroyed Egypt for doing the same thing. So the elite, the Illuminati keeps this a secret at all cost.

After I die, I will one day cause World War 3 just by this message which will be like planting a seed in people minds until it sprouts once they nurture that seed and seek more truth and learn Hitler was right. I did the world a favor by killing the false jews before they designated a false state of Israel.

But I fear I have failed. The world will fall into the hands of Satan.

The original website can be found here but viewing it contributes advertising revenue to the owner.

Below is a graphic shared by one of the people commenting in support of the theory:

Source: Reported to Everyday Antisemitism

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Movie News Guide slams Adam Sandler because “he is Jewish and he likes to talk about it”

Movie News Guide has published an article with the headline: “Adam Sandler is becoming the most hated celebrity because he talks Jewish shop all the time”.

The article’s author, Meghna Subhedhar, gives her analysis of what she perceives as Sandler’s waning popularity: “He is probably becoming unpopular because he keeps playing the Jew card.”

Adding depth to her analysis, Subhedhar continued: “Who could forget the fact that Adam Sandler is a Jew. I mean, he is always playing the bumbling Jew in all of his comedies. He was recently on the Howard Stern Show where he told the listeners that he loved Israel because his parents told him to.” During the show, Sandler’s reference to Israel had been to say: “I like when you get upset about Israel, and I get nervous about Israel too. That’s from my house. My father and mother– very pro-Israel…I grew up being proud of being a Jew and that’s what I am.”

The article concludes with more blatant antisemitism: “Now there is another reason to hate the man [Sandler], he is Jewish and he likes to talk about it. Tablet magazine reports that Sandler hasn’t been in a fight since his Bar Mitzvah. Well, the internet is bringing the fight to him.”

Movie News Guide can be contacted at [email protected], and the Australian company which appears to own Movie News Guide can be contacted at [email protected].

Source: Israellycool/Movie News Guide


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Italian police investigate Radio Islam for list of “powerful” Jews

Italian police have opened an investigation into Radio Islam, following its publication of a “Jewish power” list featuring the names of prominent Italian Jewish journalists, businessmen, actors and personalities who the website accused of being part of a “Nazi Jewish mafia”.

The article was published on the Italian page of Radio Islam, a multi-language platform hosting essays from renowned Holocaust deniers. Radio Islam started in Sweden but after its broadcasting licence was revoked and its founder imprisoned, it was relaunched as a website which publishes antisemitic propaganda. The banner of the website says: “Know Your enemy! No time to waste. Act now! Tomorrow it will be too late.”

Sources: Radio Islam, IB Times

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Turkish-Islamic Union in Germany posts slew of antisemitic statements

Screeenshots from the DITIB’s site for the city of Melsungen display a slew of anti-Jewish quotations, thirty in total, some from the Quran and the Prophet Muḥammad. These included statements such as: “[the Jews] lie and cheat,” “The Jews are cruel and malicious,” “the Jews are stingy,” “Jews violate contracts and promises,” and “they [the Jews] falsified the Torah.”

The posting led to a series of criticism from journalists and Volker Beck, MP for Germany’s Green Party. The Jersulam Post reports that the DITIB has since “distanced itself” from the remarks made on its website and that the person responsible has resigned.

Source: The Jerusalem Post

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Canadian Islamic website suggests Israel is behind Paris atrocity and ISIS

An article on Crescent International, a Canadian website run by the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought has suggested that Israel was behind the terrorist attacks in Paris. An article titled “Paris attacks: Who done it?” speculates that likely author of the attack is Israel, which the article also claims is behind ISIS: “Who could be behind it? Of all the intelligence agencies, the one that stands out is the Zionist agency, Mossad. It has deep roots in France and has many facilitators in the country. What could be their motive? Simple. The US-Zionist-Saudi-backed takfiri terrorists are being degraded through Russian bombings. It may be a desperate move by the Zionists to force Western regimes to send their troops against the government of President Asad [sic]. His army has recently made gains against the terrorists and has recaptured a number of areas from their control.”

Crescent International usually echoes a pro-Iranian line, according to CIJ News.

Source: CFCA/CIJ News

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Antisemitic website results in first online hate crime conviction in almost 10 years in Canadian province

The 68-year-old grandfather who authored has become the first person to be convicted of online hate crime for almost a decade in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Arthur Topham, whose website demonised Jews and promoted antisemitic conspiracy theories will be sentenced early next year. One article on the website described “synagogues of Satan” whilst another “satirically” called for “the extermination of Israel and all Jews” according to the prosecution. Topham’s legal defence was funded by white supremacists. A bizarre detail of the story is that Topham’s wife is apparently Jewish.

Photo: CBC News

Source: Documenting Antisemitism/CBC News