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Hacker sends 4m “Death to the Jews” SMS messages after breaching phone network

A hacker attempted to send more than 4m text messages saying “Death to the Jews” by exploiting the network of a global telecommunications company, according to a report in The Guardian. Around 5,000 messages were successfully sent through the SMS Global system, evading the company’s blocks.

The newspaper’s investigation attributed the sending of the antisemitic text message to a data breach dating back to 2013, when hackers managed to access the systems of SMS Global, which provides messaging services for “some of the world’s best known brands” and has more than one million customers worldwide.

The identity of the hacker remains unknown, but they attempted in April 2015 to send more than four million messages to phone numbers across the Middle East, reading “Our motto forever: Death to America, Death to the Jews.”

SMS Global’s clients include Nestle Waters, Serco, Etihad Airways, Emirates Transport, Tecom, Samsung, Microsoft, IBM, Dell, the Australian Football League and law enforcement agencies around the world. SMSGlobal’s corporate structure is based largely in Australia through SMS Global Investments Pty Ltd, SMS Global Holdings and SMSGlobal Pty Ltd.

Source: The Guardian

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