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Pre-school teacher in Texas suspended for saying “not enough” Jews were killed in the Holocaust

A Muslim pre-school teacher in Texas has been suspended from teaching in light of an investigation into her twitter activities, in which she encouraged her friend and social media followers to “kill some Jews! <3” and to “Kiss the Palestine ground”, promulgating both her anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist stances online.

We previously covered Nancy Salem’s antisemitic comments when we documented several instances of antisemitism among students and alumni of University of Texas, Arlington. However, it has since emerged that Salem has since found employment as a teacher.

Nancy Salem, a teacher at The Children’s Courtyard in South Arlington, was one of 24 anti-Israel activists exposed by the university of Texas watchdog group Canary Mission for broadcasting such racist and violent thought. Among other sentiments, she posted a series of despicably antisemitic statements, including: “How many Jews died in the Holocaust? Not enough… HAHAHAHA.”

Children look to their teachers as sources of inspiration and knowledge, and it is clear from her radical stances this individual is not fit for that purpose, and as such should be permanently discharged as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this is a case where an individual has been allowed to have their deeply antisemitic views flourish, apparently unchallenged, throughout their University career, and is not unsurprisingly importing these views into the wider world, which sadly in this case has involved contact with children.

Parents at the school are outrage, and some are calling for her immediate dismissal.

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Police investigate as Muslim and Anti-Zionist students in Texas call for another Holocaust, spout blood libel

The district attorney’s office in Houston, Texas, in cooperation with the Houston police, is currently trying to determine if antisemitic comments that were posted to Twitter, by thirteen past and current students at the University of Houston (UH), constitutes a hate crime.

The Canary Mission, an anonymous online antisemitic watchdog, collected all of the tweets in their report, Kill All The Jews. Members of the UH chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), the Muslim Student Association (MSA), and students associated with the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS), along with unaffiliated individuals, were responsible for the posts, which go back as far as 2012.

Of paramount concern are tweets by UH students that both incite violence and promote violence against Jews:

“I am gonna throw rocks at yahood [Jews] this summer and no one is stopping me.” – Tarek Abdoh, April, 2015

“Yall don’t understand I want to beat a zionist bitch up so bad.” – Noor Radwan, July, 2016

“Hitler should have killed them [the Jews] all” – Amal Tabal, November, 2012

“If you could press one button to kill all zionists, but it would also kill every Jew out there, would you press it? – Noor Radwam, October, 2015

“Palestine will be the 2nd Holocaust for the Yahood [Jews].” – Rawen Saleh, March, 2013

“I mean it when I say I wish Hitler finished them off in the holocaust. I know there’s a difference between Jews and Zionists.” – Mahmoud Eissa, July, 2014

“@HitlerDictator  Versace. Versace. [Italian fashion designer]    F**k bitches bake Jews that’s the life of a Nazi” – Zain Dharani, August, 2013

As was to be expected, the report included a tweet that put forth a classic blood libel. In November, Noor Radwan tweeted: “A Jewish rabbi has admitted to using human child meat as a filler in McDonalds meat. They allegedly drug teens, and kill them for their meat, THE TRUTH ABOUT MCDONALD’S & MISSING CHILDREN.”

When a UH student can actually present such an outrageous blood libel as a fact, then, Houston, you’ve got a problem.

No one would agree more than Kenneth L. Marcus, president and general counsel for the Washington D.C. based Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law, According to Marcus: “Whether the university can punish the speech or not, they have an obligation to address the underlying problem”. Marcus told the Jewish-Herald: “The legal restrictions might tell them [the University of Houston] how they can deal with it, but the fact is they need to deal with it and they need [to] deal with it firmly.”

Although the tweets are currently under review by the Dean of  the Student’s Office, it is troubling that tweets that promote violence and bigotry are not automatically in violation of the UH Code of Conduct.

A tweet by Mamoon Hindi in August, 2015 is a typical example:”It’s not music you f****ing fag. Candyass Brit, fish n’ chips motherf****ker. Zionist f***k face douchebag.”

Obviously, it is no surprise that Hitler is the star of so many of the tweets: “Hitler mah n***ga”;”Hitler said he left some Jews alive so the world would know why he killed em”; “Hitler died too soon, really”.

Lee Wunsch, of the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston (JFGH), told The Algemeiner that celebrating the mass murder of Jews with “violent tweets”, the calls for a Third Intifada–murdering Jews as “resistance” against Israel–praise for both Hitler and Hamas terrorists, whose goal is the wholesale slaughter of Israeli Jews–had the organization’s “full attention”.

When the Canary Mission report was released to the public, Rabbi Kenny Weiss, executive director of Houston Hillel, told the Jewish-Herald: “Houston Hillel takes very seriously any inflammatory comments directed at Jews”. As a result, Rabbi Weiss contacted both the UH  campus police, the greater Houston police department, the UH Office of Legal Affairs, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), and the Houston office of the Jewish Federation.

Dayan Gross, the ADL Southwest Regional Director told The Algemeiner: “While ADL respects freedom of speech, we reserve the right to make sure people see hateful speech for what it is and counter it”. Gross, who filed a complaint with the Houston police, is closely monitoring the situation.

The UH Legal Affairs office told the Jewish-Herald that “we take any matter involving the safety and welfare of our university community very seriously”. The vice-chancellor of Legal Affairs, Dona Hamilton Cornell, stated: “UH is safe for all students, Jews included.”

However, UH Jewish students have criticized the administration for failing to condemn the students who threatened the personal safety of Jews.

It is a given that if hateful tweets had targeted UH African-American students and the posts had: a) promoted lynchings and physical assaults against blacks  b) celebrated the KKK and slavery, instead of Hitler and the Holocaust, and c) used vile language like, “F***ing N***er”, rather than “Zionist c**t”, then, without question, a national media firestorm would have been ignited. And the University of Houston would have told the press that such toxic behavior will be met with swift punishment.

But when the tweets, in question, called for the beating and stoning of Jews, the University of Houston would only call the tweets, “repugnant” speech.

“I want my university to show that it legitimately cares about its diverse population and not just certain student groups,” Tatiana Uklist, the founder of the UH chapter of Students Supporting Israel, told the Jewish-Herald.

However, vice-chancellor Cornell feels that the university has created a level playing field because it fosters an environment where diverse beliefs are “welcomed”.

And that means welcoming the beliefs of a Palestinian woman named Rasmea Yousef Odeh, who just happens to be a terrorist who was convicted of murdering Jews.

Despite vigorous protest from Jewish students, administrators allowed the UH chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, which, according to Kenneth L. Marcus, is “a hate organization and must be addressed as such”, to hold a spring fundraiser in Odeh’s honor.

UH dismissed complaints from Jewish students that the fundraiser was a safety threat. Instead the administration called it a “speech-related political disagreement”. Odeh was imprisoned in Israel for murdering two Jewish college students, from Hebrew University, in a 1969 supermarket bomb attack in Jerusalem.

Odeh, who came to America, after being released by Israel in a prisoner exchange, is facing deportation due to immigration fraud.

It would, of course, be unthinkable for any college campus in the United States of America to hold a fundraiser for Dylann Roof, who murdered nine African-Americans, while they prayed in a South Carolina church on June 17, 2015.

And it is precisely because the University of Houston has whitewashed the issues surrounding violence and Jews, that many Jewish students now feel that they are subject to a dangerous double standard, which puts them at risk.

But whether or not the Houston District Attorney’s office ultimately labels the tweets an actual hate crime or a non-criminal hate incident is really a moot point. Because labelling the tweets doesn’t alter the original intent of the UH tweets: the demonization and outright hatred of Jews.

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BREAKING: more bomb threats at Jewish Community Centers in at least 3 US States

Reports are emerging that Jewish Community Centers have been targeted with bomb threats in the U.S. States of Wisconsin, Illinois and Texas.

These reports follow after dozens of similar threats, all hoaxes, were made across the first few weeks of 2017.

The Harry & Rose Samson Family Jewish Community Center in Whitefish Bay, Milwaukee; The St. Paul Jewish Community Center in Minnesota; and the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center in Houston, Texas, were all evacuated this morning.

Further updates will be provided when more information emerges.

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Muslim and “anti-Zionist” students in Texas glorify the Holocaust, call to “kill some Jews”

The Canary Mission, an group which monitors extremist activity on US campuses, has released a dossier on antisemitic social media comment being circulated by students at the University of Texas, Arlington.

The messages include calls to “kill some Jews”, calls to “stuff Jews in the oven”, and included many references to the Holocaust and antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Among the authors of the tweets is Ismail Said Aboukar, a member of Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Students’ Association, who wrote that “Jesus is going to slay the Jews” and made multiple references to Jews controlling world business, as well as writing “the world would be soooo much better without the Jews man”.

Nancy Salem, another SJP member and BDS supporter, asked a friend to “kiss the Palestine ground” for her and to “kill some Jews”.

She also asked “How many Jews died in the Holocaust?”, answering for herself – “not enough”.

The Canary Mission identified 24 students making blatantly antisemitic comments at the University, with 19 being affiliated with Students for Justice in Palestine and 12 being affiliated with the Muslim Students’ Association.

This serves to highlight the growth of Islamic antisemitism, and its connection to anti-Zionist politics, on University campuses, in a situation which is quickly making Jewish students feel unwelcome at Universities across North America and Europe.


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Jewish school pupil in Texas finds swastika note under windscreen wiper

The Northeast Independent School District has opened an investigation after a picture of a swastika was found attached to the windshield of a Jewish pupil’s car at Reagan High School in San Antonio, Texas. The swastika picture was found after school on Wednesday and reported to the school’s principal. There are no security cameras in the school’s car park, so unless a witness comes forward, it is unlikely that the perpetrator will be caught.

Source: CFCA/Kens5

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Jewish Texan businessman’s photograph defaced with swastikas on billboards

A Jewish businessman in Athens, Texas, has said he feels uplifted by the response of his community after billboards bearing his photograph were defaced with swastikas. Jeff Weinstein’s real estate business had placed signs around a plot of land, advertising a development opportunity, but vandals painted a swastika over the image of his face on the signs.

Weinstein, who is one of the few Jews in Athens,  said: “It backfired, it didn’t work because…my community is defending me saying we love you, so in the big scheme of things…this really is a great place.” Weinstein posted a photograph of the vandalism on Facebook, receiving an overwhelmingly supportive response. Weinstein commented: “In the real world, bad things happen. People say things that you wish they didn’t. In the end, what you find out is that people really do care about each other and they don’t want this to go on anymore and that makes you feel good.”


Source: CFCA/Tyler Morning Telegraph

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Jewish student moves out of Texas university halls after yellow Stars of David glued to his door

A Jewish student at Texas Christian University has moved out of university accommodation after he found a trail of yellow Stars of David leading to his bedroom door. The stars were like those used during the Holocaust to identify Jews, and had been fixed to the walls and door using a hot glue gun. Dalton Barlow was the only Jewish student in the hall of residence and told CBSDFW: “There was one right outside my room. My doorway was decorated for the holiday for Hanukkah.” University police are investigating.

Source: CBSDFW

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US Presidential candidate heckled by man shouting “Marco Rubio is owned by Jews”

US Presidential candidate Marco Rubio has been interrupted by a heckler during a campaign appearance in Dallas, Texas.

A man stood up and shouted: “Marco Rubio is owned by Jews! Jews and Freemasons!”

The person seated behind him force him to sit down and audience members chanted “Marco! Marco!” until a police officer led the heckler out of the hall.

Source: Star Telegram

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“F***ing Jews” and other slurs sprayed on walls near Texas Jewish community centre

Police in Austin, Texas are investigating antisemitic graffiti at two bus stops near a Jewish community centre catering to the large Jewish community in the area. The graffiti says “F***ing Jews” along with other antisemitic slurs.


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Only Jewish El Paso councillor’s art gallery vandalised again with “YouTube Jews did 9/11, killed JFK”

The only Jewish councillor in El Paso has had his art gallery vandalised with antisemitic graffiti reading “YouTube Jews did 9/11, killed JFK”. This is the second time he has been targeted in less than a month.

Photo: El Paso Proud