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Woman abused on Berlin train for wearing Hebrew necklace

On July 19th a woman was subjected to antisemitic taunts on a Berlin train for wearing a Hebrew necklace of her name.

According to Recherche- und Informationsstelle Antisemitismus, a man of Arabic origin initially the woman. Another passenger came and pointed out that her necklace was Hebrew and they proceeded to subject her to antisemitic taunts, calling her a “Jewish bitch”.

When the victim moved away, the man went on to direct his vitriol towards a same-sex couple.

This incident fits into a recent pattern of antisemitic harassment and attacks we have reported on in Berlin’s public transport and roads, as well as antisemitic vandalism and graffiti. In fact, in a personal interview, the victim reported that since August 2015 in the context of the debate over the influx and accommodation of immigrants, hostilities towards Jews has increased.

Translation of the report provided by Isca Stieglitz