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Haaretz journalist Allison K Sommer compares Haredim to neo-Nazis

Allison Kaplan Sommer, a journalist for the English language edition of Haaretz, has compared Haredim in Israel to neo-Nazis.

Writing on Twitter, Sommer said “Sorry, Tal, but the haredim are as as hateful to Reform Jews as the neo-Nazis are to Jews, and secular Israelis stand by silently”

Whilst there are genuine problems in terms of intra-communal relations in Israel, and legitimate criticisms can be made of the response of some Haredim to non-Orthodox Jews, such a comparison is flippant, inflammatory and comes across as deliberately hurtful, as does any attempt to compare Jews to Nazis.

She faced a backlash from her Twitter followers, and from others, but does not appear to have apologised for her comments.

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‘Star of David=Swastika’ graffiti at Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Security are investigating after a door in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem was found vandalized with graffiti which equated the Star of David with Nazism.

The graffiti was on a toilet door in the Mount Scotus campus.

According to the definition of antisemitism, “drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis” is antisemitic.

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Jerusalem Synagogue desecrated with Christian symbols

A Synagogue in the Old City of Jerusalem has been vandalized with crosses Arutz Sheva has reported.

Multiple large crosses were spray painted across the front of the Synagogue.

The Synagogue serves a large Persian Jewish population in the area.

The police are investigating


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Daily Mail calls Temple Mount “Islamic Holy Site”, smears Jewish worshippers

Agence France Press has produced an article on an incident at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem which was published by the Daily Mail with the headline “Jordan slams Israel after radical Jews visit Islamic Holy Site”.

The Temple Mount is a sacred site for Jews, Christians and Muslims, but it is the holiest site in the world for Jews, and at the centre of much Jewish liturgy. Whilst it is the third holiest site in Islam, to describe it as an “Islamic Holy Site” which has somehow been intruded upon by Jews is to erase Jewish connections to the Temple Mount.

Moreover, to call Jews who wish to visit the Temple Mount on Tisha B’Av, a day of mourning for the destruction of the First and Second Temples, “radical Jews” is simply untrue.

Whilst the Daily Mail does acknowledge later in the article that the Temple Mount is Judaism’s holiest site, it does not challenge the idea that Jews who wish to visit it are “extremists”

Jordan’s Minister of Islamic Affairs and Awqaf (religious property) Wael Arabiyat described allowing Jews to visit their holiest site as “tyranny” and ominously said that it could provoke a religious war.

The current ‘status quo’ arrangement is that only Muslims are allowed to pray on the Temple Mount. Jews who pray or show signs of being emotional on the Temple Mount are often arrested by Jordanian religious police.

UK Media Watch has challenged the Daily Mail over the headline, which remains as of yet unchanged.

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Arab arsonists set fire to prayer books in Gush Etzion

Arab arsonists have set fire to prayer books in a synagogue in the town of Givat Sorek in Gush Etzion.

Source: NRG

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Pigs’ trotters thrown into synagogue in Israel

For the second time in two months, pigs’ legs have been found at the entrance of a synagogue of the Gur Hassidism in Arad, Israel. According to residents, worshipers at the synagogue found that four feet had been thrown at the synagogue entrance. No suspect has been identified.

Source: CFCA/

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“Hitler was Jewish” scrawled on Tel Aviv synagogue

Police in Tel Aviv have opened an investigation after antisemitic graffiti was found on the walls of a synagogue in the Neve Tzedek neighbourhood of the city. The graffiti appears to include an image of Hitler as well as slurs in English and Hebrew, including: “Hitler was Jewish”.

Police promised a “thorough investigation to track down the perpetrators of this heinous act.”

Source: CFCA/Israel Hayom

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Palestinians routinely humiliated and put to death for selling land to Jews, according to report

An investigation by Israeli Channel 2 television has reported that it has discovered an activist who seeks out Palestinian Arabs who have sold land to Jews and arranges for them to be humiliated and executed by Palestinian police. The Palestinian Authority forbids the sale of land to Jews by law.

The investigation obtained a tape of far-left Israeli activist Ezra Nawi apparently bragging about how he reports Arabs who plan to sell land to Jews to the Palestinian Authority’s security forces, in the knowledge that they will be killed. “I hand them directly to the Palestinian security service,” Nawi says on the tape. When asked what happens once Palestinian Authority police arrests the sellers, Nawi says, “It catches them, kills them. First Zubur, then Gazanga.” According to the report, Zubur is an Arabic word used in Hebrew to describe humiliation and physical torment, and Gazanga is not a known word but implies death, in the context of the tape.

Source: Jewish Press

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Israeli father playing computer game with his children discovers swastika in game

Israeli father Nir Katshal was playing a computer game with his children before bedtime when he found that another player has defaced the game with a swastika next to the word “Jew”.

Sim City, a game in which players plan, build and manage a functioning city, is popular amongst parents and children as a non-violent game which teaches children how cities and society work in a fun and engaging way. Each player creates their own city and can also look at other players’ cities.

The Katshal family found that one player has called their city “Trolltown” and decorated it with roads in the shape of a swastika and the word “Jew”. Katshal also discovered that players can build all manner of religious prayer houses, except synagogues.

Source: Facebook