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Berlin: Antisemitic attack in railway station

Berlin Morgenpost have reported an antisemitic incident at a railway station.

A 38-year old woman threw a glass bottle at a group in the Berlin Ostbahnhof train station.  One of the group approached her and she called him a ‘dirty Jew’.

The woman was swiftly apprehended by police and is facing criminal charges for incitement to hatred and causing bodily harm.

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Sweden: antisemitic abuse shouted at Jews from car in Malmo

A group of Jews were harassed in Malmo last Thursday.

A car drove slowly past them while the passengers shouted antisemitic abuse at the group of Jews and their Haredi attire.

Malmo police say they’re investigating the incident as a hate crime.

They are also investigating a Swastika which was carved on the door of a Jewish man in the city.

The situation in Malmo is increasingly bad for Jews, with the authorities seemingly unwilling to take serious action to prevent further attacks against Jews in the City.

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Netherlands: political message accuses “Moroccan Jews” of conspiring to reduce social security payments

Dutch-Moroccans are being encouraged not to vote for the ‘traitors of our community’.  The message, which is making the rounds via Whatsapp, refers to a recent debate about social security benefits paid to Dutch-Moroccans returning to Morocco.

It says “[Mohammed] Mohandis and other Moroccan Jews of the Labour Party support reductions, DENK is against.”

DENK is a political party Selçuk Öztürk and Tunahan Kuzu.

We can find no evidence that Mohandis is actually Jewish. This thus appears to be an attempt to scapegoat Moroccan Jews in the Netherlands for a political issue, making it an inherently antisemitic comment which borders on conspiracy theory.

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Netherlands: Municipal employee fired calling the Holocaust “a job half done”

A municipal employee of Doetinchem was fired after it was discovered he had made antisemitic comments on Facebook two years ago.

The man, who lives in Enschede, wrote “Fucking Jews.. the Germans did a job half done.”  He was employed for the past few months as a debt counsellor.


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Sweden: Malmö woman suffers from antisemitic vandalism attacks, police take no action

For the past few years, a Jewish woman in Malmö has been targeted by a hate campaign (see here and here).  Her front door has been repeatedly vandalized.  She files complaints with the police, but they allegedly take no action whatsoever.

The latest attack was a couple of weeks ago, when her door was vandalized with a swastika and Star of David.

Whilst this is easy to dismiss as mere vandalism, the persistent antisemitic graffiti amounts to a clear message – “we know you are Jewish. We don’t like it, and we know where you live”, which amounts to intimidation


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Germany: Jewish cemetery vandalized

The Jewish cemetery in Hagen, in the West of Germany, was vandalized in mid-November.

Two tombstones were knocked over, appearing to have had their bases smashed, and an attempt was made to remove the lettering from another.

Another tombstone was damaged by an “unknown tool”.

The damage is estimated at 800 Euros. Police are investigating.

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Cemetery in Vienna vandalized with Swastika

The wall of the Jewish cemetery in Vienna was spray-painted with a swastika.   The Jewish Community Vienna (IKG) filed a complaint.

It’s noteworthy that English-language site The Local didn’t get around to publicizing the incident, but was very concerned abut the fact that a ‘wrong’ image was used by news site OE24.

“Even if the quotes and allegations in the article are true, it’s highly misleading for the newspaper to publish pictures taken nearly ten years ago in a different country, and imply with the picture caption that it took place in Vienna.”

It is rather worrying that a news source would be more concerned about two pictures, which depict very similar incidents, being used interchangeably, than they are about a Jewish cemetery being vandalized with Nazi imagery. In fact

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Germany: Police investigating “Jewish” effigy hanging by neck from bridge

A CPR mannequin with a Star of David and swastika was hung on a bridge in Roßwein, in central Saxony.  The police are investigating this as a hate crime.

The effigy of a Jewish man was spotted by a driver, who initially thought a human was hanging. Obviously this is a shocking public display of antisemitism, which borders on incitement, and we hope that the police are successful with their investigations.

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Germany: Energie Cottbus fans call rivals “Jews” and that they should be gassed

Energie Cottbus played against Babelsberg 03 this past Saturday.  Babelsberg fans are known for being leftist and anti-fascist.

Cottbus fans yelled out “Jews” and “Gypsies” at the opposing team and made the Hitler salute.  The club apologized for its fans behavior.

In addition, Cuttbus fans left antisemitic graffiti, saying Babelsberg were “Jews” and wishing they were gassed.

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Canadian student’s dorm room vandalized with word “Jew” and a Swastika

According to an online report from a Canadian lawyer, somebody carved the word “Jew” and a swastika on the door of a Canadian Jewish student’s dorm room on the night of the American election.
The man said that a daughter’s friend had suffered the incident, and indicated that he would release more information at some point, but presumably cannot do so at the moment for safety concerns or due to a police investigation.
Whilst he believes the incident to have been related directly to the election, this is of course far from self-explanatory. Intimidation of Jewish students on campus is all-too-common and comes just as often from the far-left as it does from the far right
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After Trump victory, child tells classmates that now “all the Jews have to leave this country”

The day after Trump was elected President of the United States, a student at Burns Park Elementary school in Ann Harbor, Michigan reportedly said that “Now that Trump is president, all the Jews have to leave this country”.

This is one of a number of reports of alleged antisemitic activity that have occurred as a result of Trump’s victory.

The Principal of the school appears to be taking the issue seriously, and has circulated a short letter to the students and parents which calls for calm in the light of unrealistic claims about Trump’s presidency, as well as restating the school’s commitment to ensuring that nobody is excluded.

We will be reporting on any further information relating to this incident.

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Orthodox Jew beaten by attacker shouting “Dirty Jew, I will kill you” in Strasbourg

A 70 year-old Orthodox Jew, wearing a kippah, was attacked on November 6th.  The attack took place in the middle of the day, outside the main synagogue of Strasbourg.  The attacker beat the victim in the face and legs, and cursed him and said “Dirty Jew, I will kill you”.  The attacker had previously sworn at a Jew passing by on a bicycle.

The victim was lightly injured and needed medical attention.

Witnesses to the attack called in the police and an ambulance.  The attacker, who tried to escape in his car, was detained by the police, but was shortly thereafter released.

We await further information as to the police investigation and actions.

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Chicago-area doctor receives antisemitic hate mail

A Jewish doctor from the Chicago area received an unmarked envelope from Baltimore.  The envelope contained a sheet of paper with the “Happy Merchant” and “Pepe the Frog” antisemitic memes.

The doctor in question is often attacked on Twitter by various antisemites, and returns in kind. However, the fact that the harassment has stepped over from the digital realm and into the doctor’s day-to-day life is extremely worrying, and demonstrates the necessity of taking such online abuse seriously.

The issue was reported to the police, who expressed concern and said they would investigate.  However, they said that, unfortunately, they didn’t think there was much they would be able to do

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“I don’t serve Jews”: two antisemitic incidents in Berlin

Reports have emerged of two antisemitic incidents against Israeli tourists in Berlin.

1. Two security guards for the S-Bahn were checking an Israeli tourist on Tuesday morning.  He was having his ticket inspected and was asked to provide ID. When they saw his ID, they made antisemitic comments to him.  The security guards were described as ‘Mediterranean’.

2. An Israeli tourist ordered coffee at a fast-food restaurant in the Mitte borough.  A restaurant employee refused to take his order saying “I don’t serve Jews” (In English).  The employee finished his shift before police arrived.

It is as of yet unknown what, if any, action will be taken with regards to these two incidents.