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Hungarian Jewish organisation’s website replaced with pro-Palestinian propaganda

A group claiming to be Algerian hackers hacked a Hungarian Jewish website and added pro-Palestinian messages. The page has been restored now. The Jewish organisation concerned prefers not to be identified.

Source: Fórum az antiszemitizmus ellen


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Outpouring of antisemitism in Hungary after Hungarian Holocaust drama wins Golden Globe

Following the award of the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film to Hungarian Holocaust drama Son of Saul yesterday, Hungary has witnessed an outpouring of antisemitism.

Hungary’s largest online newspaper, Indexpublished some of the worst examples. It includes a flood of comments denying the Holocaust and also blaming the Hungarian Prime Minister for congratulating the film’s creators, claiming that he is obeying Jewish commands.

The newspaper’s journalists also witnessed antisemitic discourse about the film in public, including people questioning the truth of Holocaust.

Source: Fórum az antiszemitizmus ellen/Index

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Antisemitic jeering heard at Hungarian Academy of Arts assembly

The Hungarian Academy of Arts held its plenary assembly on 5th November in Budapest. During the meeting, an activist disturbed it to protest against the academy’s policy on the distribution of funds. In footage taken during the incident, the audience starts jeering at the activist and a member of the audience clearly says: “He is a filthy Jew as well”.

Source: Origo

Translated by: Fórum az antiszemitizmus ellen