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Hackers blamed for antisemitic print-outs at US university

White supremacist hackers are suspected to be behind an incident in which computer printers at an American university started producing antisemitic fliers.

The incident at Vanderbilt University in Nashville on January 16 appears similar to a spate of occurrences last year at universities nationwide including Princeton, when a hacker caused printers to churn out fliers bearing swastikas and antisemitic text.

On that occasion the Daily Stormer neo-Nazi website claimed credit for producing the material, which spoke of “the Jews destroying your country through mass immigration and degeneracy” and asked people to “Join us in the struggle for white supremacy”.

University spokeswoman Princine Lewis said the new incident happened “in a handful of offices on campus” and campus police were investigating.

“Currently it is an open investigation,” she wrote in an email to the Tennessean newspaper. “However, this most recent incident appears similar to incidents in March 2016 in which an outside source was able to access networked printers at several universities around the country.”

Ari Dubin, leader of Vanderbilt’s Hillel society, said: “Hillel takes all antisemitic incidents seriously and we are outraged by this despicable act. We are grateful for the rapid response of Vanderbilt University and the VUPD. We support their efforts to stop these kinds of hacking attacks from occurring in the future.”

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Hungarian Jewish organisation’s website replaced with pro-Palestinian propaganda

A group claiming to be Algerian hackers hacked a Hungarian Jewish website and added pro-Palestinian messages. The page has been restored now. The Jewish organisation concerned prefers not to be identified.

Source: Fórum az antiszemitizmus ellen


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Warning issued over “sophisticated” antisemitic hacking operation

According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), international hackers are planning to attack Jewish and Israeli online targets as part of what has become an annual campaign.

The ADL’s Centre on Extremism says that there are two significant elements to this year’s campaign – the leadership of a pro-terrorist, antisemitic group in the effort, and the targeting of individuals on their mobile devices.

The security advisory says that there are strong indi­ca­tions that AnonG­host, an international hacker group that supports terrorist groups and frequently employs antisemitism as part of its activity, has replaced Anonymous as the main organiser of this year’s #OpIsrael campaign.

Groups such as AnonGhost express unam­bigu­ous sup­port­ for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas and the Islamic State (ISIS) and have car­ried out cyber-attacks in their names, bringing an Islamic extremist element into an already virulently anti-Israel and antisemitic campaign.

The new campaign is being called for 7th April, during the Jewish Passover holiday period.

The ADL says that AnonGhost appears to have already threatened individual Israelis with violence through mobile devices. According to ADL, the group has sent messages to Israelis with a picture of an ISIS fighter with the cap­tion, “We are com­ing O Jews to kill you.” A message sent to another Israeli man reportedly included an image of his family with the threat, “I’ll stick a knife in their throats.”

Among the more sophisticated hacker groups in the world, AnonGhost has launched and pro­moted soft­ware enabling supporters to take part in the cyber-attacks. The group has reportedly claimed responsibility for dozens of hacks in the United States, often with the signature, “Death To All Jews.”

In previous years, OpIsrael was spearheaded by the Arab subdivision of Anony­mous and timed to coin­cide with Holo­caust Remem­brance Day. Anony­mous hackers have threatened to “wipe Israel off the Inter­net” and have described the campaign as an “Elec­tronic Holocaust.”

Source: ADL

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Berlin Jewish LGBT community’s Facebook page hacked with anti-Israel messages

Berlin Meschugge, a regular party night for Berlin’s Jewish LGBT community, had its Facebook page hacked with anti-Israel messages this morning.

The page’s cover image was replaced with a “Free Palestine” banner and their profile image with a crossed-out Israeli flag. The hacker(s) then posted “Death to Israel!!!” from the account and deleted records of past events. The page has a following of over 6,000 people.

This is not the first time that hackers have targeted Jewish organisations under the guise of protesting against Israel.

Source: Berlin Meschugge


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London Jewish school’s website hacked with message saying “Islam is the true religion”

London’s Jewish Free School’s website has been hacked by a group calling itself the “Tunisian Fallaga Team”. A spokesperson from the school told Jewish News: “We are grateful for the speedy response of our web support team in rectifying this and ensuring the site was back online within minutes. Unfortunately attempts such as this are commonplace for many Jewish organisations who are forced to employ actions to mitigate against such nuisances.”

Image and source: Jewish News