Algeria Everyday Antisemitism Hacking Hungary Ξ E-mail

Hungarian Jewish organisation’s website replaced with pro-Palestinian propaganda

A group claiming to be Algerian hackers hacked a Hungarian Jewish website and added pro-Palestinian messages. The page has been restored now. The Jewish organisation concerned prefers not to be identified.

Source: Fórum az antiszemitizmus ellen


Algeria Everyday Antisemitism Military Ξ E-mail

Algerian military marching song: “Turn your guns towards the Jews in order to kill them”

MEMRI has brought to light an Algerian military marching song which commands its soldiers to kill Jews. In a marching drill of the Algerian National Gendarmerie, the soldiers chant: “Turn your guns towards the Jews…in order to kill them…slaughter them…and skin them.” The video was posted online on 1st November 2015 to mark Algeria’s Revolution Day, but the post did not state when the video was filmed.

Source: MEMRI

Algeria Everyday Antisemitism Vandalism Ξ E-mail

Algerian Jewish cemetery destroyed by vandals

The Jewish cemetery in Azzafoun, Algeria, has been destroyed by vandals. The local Jewish community emigrated in the 1960s.

Photo: Tamurt