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Elderly German man spits at Spanish tourists, wishes more Jews died

A group of Spanish tourists was harassed by an elderly man at a bus station after a trip to Berlin’s Platform 17 Holocaust memorial.

The man began to denounce the number of “dirty Jew monuments” present in Berlin and, in addition to spitting at the group, made statements in support of Hitler and the Holocaust. He also told the tourists that his family was involved in the gassing of Jews and that he wished that more Jews had been murdered.

The bus driver, who saw the entire exchange, encouraged passengers to board the bus and to leave the man alone.

Everyday Antisemitism New York Vandalism Ξ E-mail

Two new swastikas discovered in New York after arrest

Two swastikas were found by the owner of a building on the pillars of a parking garage in Cedarhurst, New York. Police suspect that this incident occurred sometime between the hours of 16:30 on Friday, 25th March, and Monday at 10:30.

A pair of swastikas was found a couple of weeks earlier, on 7th March, also in Cedarhurst. On that occasion, a 17-year-old boy was arrested.

California Everyday Antisemitism Online Retail Websites Ξ E-mail

Nazi headphones advertised as “Final solution to the audio problem”, an internet shopping community similar to eBay, added a controversial item to their inventory: a pair of Hitler-brand headphones with swastika insignias on each side. Called “‘Klangs’ by Hitler”, a pun on the popular headphone brand known as “‘Beats’ by Dre”, these headphones received quite a bit of attention from users.

Ori Ohana, a program coordinator for the organization Israeli Students Combating Anti-Semitism, explained that “In many cases, it [the glorification and normalisation of Hitler] is intended as a joke, but we believe that it is done mostly to keep the image of Hitler alive in an attempt to make him more normative, acceptable and popular.” ISCA has reported the headphones to in the hope that they will remove them immediately from their site.