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“Horrific” antisemitic graffiti found at University at Buffalo

The University at Buffalo Police have increased patrols around the Hillel of the University at Buffalo campus after antisemitic slurs and threats were discovered on a men’s restroom stall on 23rd March.

University Police believe the crude graffiti to be an isolated incident, according to Deputy Chief of Police Joshua Sticht. University at Buffalo spokesman John Della Contrada said that the incident does not uphold the values of the University. In an e-mail sent to the student body, Contrada added, “When acts motivated by hatred or discrimination occur, the university will respond promptly to protect the safety and well-being of the entire university community.”

Andrew Meyer, the President of the Jewish Student Union, said, “I’ve never seen any form of antisemitism like that before.” Meyer called the slur, “the most horrific and derogatory term” used against Jewish people.

Though the slurs were reported on 23rd March, they seem to to have gone unreported for at least two weeks, according to photos sent to the University at Buffalo newspaper The Spectrum.

Director of the Hillel for Buffalo Dan Metchnik said the graffiti is “very disturbing,” and that all religious hatred is unacceptable, regardless of belief.

The graffiti have been removed.

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Swastika found at Brandeis Jewish fraternity house

A swastika was discovered in the fraternity house of Alpha Epsilon Pi chapter of Brandeis University, the non-sectarian college founded by the American Jewish community, late Friday night.

During the off-campus event, Alpha Epsilon Pi brothers noticed a crude depiction of the Nazi symbol written in the condensation of a glass door in the fraternity house in which Jewish students live. The unofficial event, hosted by the Jewish fraternity, was open to the entire student population.

Brandeis students have taken concern. “It hits a raw spot,” said Emma Maier, Brandeis ‘18, who attended the event. “it is hard to separate my family’s deeply personal narrative from the incident.” Turkish international student Joel Hemsi, Brandeis ‘19, who serves as the International Ambassador of the student-led Coalition Against Anti-Semitism in Europe (CAASE), added, “I’m shocked that such a thing happened at Brandeis, where many Diaspora Jews go to find a safe haven to openly express their Jewish identity.”

Though the Alpha Epsilon Pi event did not take place on Brandeis University property, the administration has denounced the act. In an e-mail to the student body, President Lisa Lynch wrote, “I condemn this malicious action. In my opinion, there is no place in society for such a despicable display of intolerance and hatred. Such heinous acts violate every value for which Brandeis stands.”

The swastika at Brandeis marks the newest development in a string of antisemitic incidents that have affected the Greater Boston Jewish community. Reported events in recent years include swastikas drawn on flyers at Northeastern University, a residence vandalised with racial graffiti, and Jewish professors facing discrimination at Wheelock College, and Catholic Memorial School students chanting “You killed Jesus” at at a basketball game against Newton North High School, which hosts a large Jewish population, last month. Seth Greenwald, Brandeis ‘17 and a Boston native, said: “in the last three years, I have seen more blatant antisemitism on campuses and elsewhere than in my entire life. Enough is enough.”

The Waltham Police Department has been notified and is working with the University on the investigation.

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French synagogue vandalised with swastikas and “Screw the Jews”

Black swastikas and other antisemitic graffiti was discovered by congregants on Saturday morning in the small French city of Verdun. It was the first incident of its kind in the city in recent memory.

Swastikas were drawn over a relief shaped like the Tablets of Testimony, drawn over the Hebrew inscription.

“Screw the Jews” and other antisemitic slogans were written on the wall.

The vandals also forced open an outer door, but were not able to breach the second, more sturdy entrance.

“I am speechless, shocked and outraged at this incident,” the local community’s vice president, Jean Blacharz, said.

Police have placed extra security around the synagogue and are investigating the incident. The vandals remain unidentified.

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London synagogue installs bulletproof entrance

West London Synagogue has installed a bulletproof entrance amid security concerns.

The entrance will now allow only one door to be open at a time, allowing security to identity and investigate visitors more thoroughly. Shabbat locks were also installed.

The steel-reinforced entrance was installed by a security company which said: “With the increasing threat of terror from around the world, synagogues need to take security more seriously than before.”

West London Synagogue was established in 1840. It is the oldest prayer space affiliated with the Movement for Reform Judaism.

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Jewish students threatened, told to remove skullcaps at New York Dunkin’ Donuts

Two Orthodox Jewish students from Yeshiva University were verbally abused and threatened inside a Dunkin’ Donuts store in Washington Heights, New York, on Monday.

The two identifiably Jewish students were approached by a man inside the shop and told, “Your religion is a lie” many times. The man continued to make anti-Jewish statements as the students ignored him.

The man then pointed to the students’ Jewish skullcaps, stating, “You need to take that thing off of your head.” He also threatened to “beat the s***” out of them, and asked the students to leave.

After the man left the shop, the students followed him and took clear photos of him and his license plate.

Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez told JP Updates: “Our community has zero tolerance for hate crimes and any threats made against another person due to their background, beliefs or identity must be taken extremely seriously. I am encouraged that the NYPD Hate Crimes Unit has already opened a case into this incident because no one in Northern Manhattan, nor New York City should ever feel unsafe. I will support their efforts to bring the perpetrator to justice however I can. We are so lucky to have a community as diverse as Washington Heights and this diversity should never come under threat.”

Police are investigating.

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Neo-Nazi band makes UK debut

On February 13th, Finnish band Satanic Warmasters made its UK debut in Glasgow. The band has links to neo-Nazis and has been criticised for songs like “Seig Heil” and “Gas Chamber”, which refers to “torching the Jewish creation”.

The band has performed National Socialist Black Metal, including music by Germany’s Absurd, and issued releases with Aryan Blood. One member broke parole terms upon release from prison by giving the Nazi salute.

Glasgow rock venue Audio was originally scheduled to hold the event, but backed out after Satanic Warmasters were linked to the far-right. The 200-capacity event took place at Ivory Blacks instead.

A member of the Glasgow Anti-Fascists said: “If they’re not fascists, they’re certainly fellow travelers – they have worked with racist bands, they have shared stages with them and they have released records on labels that only release racist records. Where do you draw the line? There’s plenty of black metal bands who have no connection to fascist music or will not share stages with these kinds of bands.”

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Spanish magazine publishes cartoon showing Jews abusing Jesus

Popular left-wing Spanish satirical magazine El Jueves portrayed hook-nosed Jewish caricatures abusing Jesus and Palestinians.

In El Jueves’ latest issue, illustrator Julio Serrano made allegations that Jerusalem’s Israel Museum keeps a Torah scroll wrapped in “the skin of my holy testicles” and depicted a long-nosed Jew harassing a beaten Jesus. The issue also featured themes that showed Jews in Nazi-style helmets, mistreating Palestinians.

The Jewish community has threatened to take legal action, saying “This [cartoon] could be taken from the Nazis’ Der Sturmer and nobody would notice the difference.”

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Antisemitism flares in race to become next FIFA President

The race to become the next FIFA president has erupted in antisemitic smears from a senior figure of Bahrain’s football association.

Multiple tweets by Muhammad Mdwb, the media officer for Bahrain’s national team, claimed a UK-based PR group chosen to represent Prince Ali of Jordan, is run by an Israeli. Prince Ali of Jordan is a viable contender to replace Sepp Blatter as FIFA’s president.

Mdwb tweeted an image of Simon Cohen together with Prince Ali, claiming Cohen was born in Tel Aviv, despite the fact that he was born in Wales. Another tweet from Mdwb supposedly showed Simon Cohen playing football for Israel in the 1960s, mistaking Cohen for another man of the same name.

Prince Ali’s rivals include Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa, former president of the Bahrain FA and current President of the Asian Football Confederation.

“It is racism and antisemitism and has no place in football,” Cohen responded. “I am also very upset at being mistaken for a 73-year-old retired footballer.”