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Travelling Auschwitz exhibition’s opening marred by over 100 antisemitic social media posts

Over 100 antisemitic social media messages have been reported to Spanish authorities after a travelling exhibition was targeted by antisemites ahead of its opening.

The exhibition, which features over 600 objects from Auschwitz, including a freight carriage used to transport captives to the camp, is being organised by Musealia, a Spanish company. Musealia’s director, Luis Ferreiro, was inspired to launch the exhibition after reading “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Victor Frankel, an Auschwitz survivor. Mr Ferreiro said “If I had been a movie director, I would have made a film; if I had been an author, I would have written about it, but I am part of a family exhibition company, and we have invested a lot in the conservation of these objects, their transportation and expensive production ”.

Commenting on the scores of antisemitic social media messages the exhibition attracted, he commented that “people use the anonymity of social media to launch negationist and hate-filled messages. This shows us that there are still people who need to know this story”.

Musealia have organised the exhibition in conjunction with the Auschwitz-Birkenau museum. It started in Madrid this month, and will travel to 7 European cities and 7 American cities in the coming 7 years. School groups and children attend free.

Robert Jan van Pelt, the exhibition’s chief curator, is unsurprised by the antisemitism it has prompted. He commented: “I have spent 30 years working in this area and Auschwitz attracts deniers. What we are doing with this exhibition is establishing the facts and putting solid evidence on display”. Sadly, we must agree with him – this story is entirely unsurprising, as experience tells us that any Jewish issues coming into the public eye risk being met with floods of antisemitism.

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Spanish “solidarity” marchers blame Israel for Barcelona terror attack

RTVE, the Spanish National broadcaster, has reported that a march took place following the Barcelona terrorist attack, in which marchers showed their solidarity and defiance against terrorism.

However, as is the standard fare whenever there is a terrorist attack, there is always somebody waiting to blame Israel.  Several people were pictured marching with a large banner that said “Israeli Secret Intelligence Service” (ISIS), used to suggest that ISIS is being controlled by the Israeli government.

This is a classic antisemitic conspiracy theory; according to the Definition of Antisemitism, “using the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism (e.g. claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterise Israel or Israelis” is antisemitic. Furthermore, according to the Definition, “antisemitism frequently charges Jews with conspiring to harm humanity, and it is often used to blame Jews for “why things go wrong””. Such responses are incredibly common whenever there is a terrorist attack, showing that whenever something goes wrong, the Jews will provide antisemites with an easy scapegoat.

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Fascist salutes in Spain as Fascists commemorate Franco

Video has emerged of Spanish Fascists giving Fascist salutes in pro-Franco rallies across the country.

The Dictator, who ruled Spain from 1939 until 1975, and who came to power directly aided by Nazi forces in the Spanish Civil War, is experiencing a resurgence in popularity in Spain. The rallies appear to coincide with the 31st anniversary of his death, November 20th.

The right handed “Roman salute” is almost exclusively associated with Nazism, and was adopted by Franco in 1937 for the Fascist movement in spain, doubtless inspired by his supporter Adolf Hitler. The use of the salute today, even if those performing it claim to merely be supporting Franco’s traditionalist Catholic Fascism as opposed to German Nazism, is directly reminiscent of Nazi Germany, and it is hard to see how anyone could fail to grasp how performing the salute constitutes antisemitism.

The crowd make chants directed against Spanish Muslims. It is clear that Jews would not be far behind on the list of targets if Spanish Muslims are allowed to become victims of Fascism.

The video also shows an anti-Fascist being beaten up by the crowd.


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Regional lawmaker in Spain calls Jewish community leader ‘a foreign agent’

A Jewish group in Barcelona threaten legal action against Benet Salellas for comments made during a debate in Catalonia’s Parliament

On 12th May Benet Salellas accused Uriel Benguigui, president of the Jewish Community of Barcelona, of being a “foreign agent” and part of the “Zionist lobby”. Salellas, a member of Popular Unity Candidacy party, objected to Benguigui’s attendance of a meeting of the parliament’s foreign relations committee. In response the Jewish group the FCJE stated that Salellas espoused, “the most repugnant form of anti-Semitism” and used speech that “is wholly illegitimate in diplomatic discourse”. The FCJE may charge Salellas with hate speech as he repeated “the most revolting anti-Semitic clichés that circulated in Europe during its dark days” and “tarnished the parliament’s image”.

The fact that antisemitic statements can be made about a Jewish community leader at such a high level in a European political institution shows the scale of the rise of antisemitism in Europe.


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Spanish magazine publishes cartoon showing Jews abusing Jesus

Popular left-wing Spanish satirical magazine El Jueves portrayed hook-nosed Jewish caricatures abusing Jesus and Palestinians.

In El Jueves’ latest issue, illustrator Julio Serrano made allegations that Jerusalem’s Israel Museum keeps a Torah scroll wrapped in “the skin of my holy testicles” and depicted a long-nosed Jew harassing a beaten Jesus. The issue also featured themes that showed Jews in Nazi-style helmets, mistreating Palestinians.

The Jewish community has threatened to take legal action, saying “This [cartoon] could be taken from the Nazis’ Der Sturmer and nobody would notice the difference.”

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Commemorative sign to leader of local Spanish Jewish community torn down

A sign commemorating the founder of the local Jewish community in Torremolinos, Spain, has been torn down by vandals.

The sign, erected in memory of David Haim Melul, had only been in place for two months before being vandalised.

The vandalism coincided with recent, local controversy around the town’s decision to publicly celebrate Chanukah, the Jewish festival of rededication and lights. Local politicians had been debating the placement of a neon sign reading “Happy Chanukah,” which critics said violated the separation between religion and government. Critics from the center-right Popular Party were also dissatisfied by the absence of a town nativity scene to celebrate Christmas.

The Jewish population of  Torremolinos is around 800 people.

Source: CFCA/Diariosur

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Spanish Holocaust memorial desecrated

A Holocaust memorial in Oviedo, Spain, has been desecrated. A plaque saying: “Never again will the barbaric acts of the Nazis be repeated” was ripped off and there were traces of paint on the plinth it had been attached too. The local Jewish community has appealed to the municipality to restore the memorial as soon as possible.

Source: CFCA

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Neo-Nazis carve swastika and reference to Hitler on Spanish teenager before beating him up

A teenager in Bilbao has been assaulted by neo-Nazis on his way home. The neo-Nazis carved a swastika into his arm and the number 88, used by far-right groups as a code for “Heil Hitler”, the letter ‘h’ being the eighth letter of the alphabet. The thugs then viciously beat the teenager.

The local political party’s spokesman said: “We are facing a serious incident which has caused alarm among neighbours. We are witnessing an increase in activity from a far-right cell which has been spreading hate and fear in the area.” Local police have questioned a man identified by the victim.

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Spanish state radio broadcasts programme accusing Jews of Satanic conspiracy

Spanish state radio broadcast a programme called “From the Inferno — The Jewish People: Propagator of the Satan Cult”. The show was more than 30 minutes long and was dedcated to antisemitic conspiracy myths. Presenters quoted from the 1962 book “Plot Against the Church” which linked demonology and the Satanic cult to Jews.