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LBC and the Daily Mail must deal firmly with Katie Hopkins after her latest publicity-craving provocation

Katie Hopkins has built her career as a publicity-craving ‘provocateur’ but yesterday she crossed a line.

Some celebrities who thrive on outrage make genuine mistakes, but often they will deliberately wound and then apologise just to generate headlines. We cannot imagine that her latest move is a mistake.

Ms Hopkins has retweeted an American neo-Nazi called “AntiJuden” whose profile includes a swastika and the emblem of Hitler’s SS. The American neo-Nazi had cheered her support for racial profiling, tweeting: “Now that is the way it should be told”.  Even without examining its timeline, the virulently antisemitic nature of the account, which now appears to have been closed down by its owner, should have been immediately apparent to Ms Hopkins.

When the inevitable Twitter backlash arrived, Ms Hopkins could have taken the opportunity to redeem herself by issuing a full and genuine apology. Instead, she tweeted a mealy-mouthed apology which trivialised the account’s extremist antisemitic views by referring to it as merely “dodgy” and was accompanied by a photo of Ms Hopkins striking a forthright pose but with a teardrop photoshopped onto her cheek, leaving little doubt as to the insincerity of her words.

Ms Hopkins has prior form in this area. In the run-up to the last General Election, she attracted opprobrium and scorn for making a Holocaust joke about the then Labour leader, Ed Milliband, who is Jewish, and his wife Justine.

If yesterday’s episode was indeed an accident, Ms Hopkins has made herself accident prone. Having built her career on trolling the airwaves, she has developed quite a following amongst neo-Nazis like “AntiJuden”, which cannot come as any surprise to the LBC producers and Daily Mail editors who decided to give her a platform as a presenter and columnist. LBC thrives on debate, but having taken Ken Livingstone off air after his claim that Hitler supported Zionism, if they retain Katie Hopkins then their cover as a responsible broadcaster sometimes caught in the crossfire will be well and truly blown. The Daily Mail likewise.

LBC and the Daily Mail may decide to fire Katie Hopkins, and we would applaud them if they do. If they decided to reprimand her instead, she should, at the very least, be required to visit a Nazi concentration camp and for once make a positive contribution to a debate, perhaps by presenting a show and devoting a column to explaining how irresponsible demagogues are fueling the resurgence of Nazi propaganda online.

We await their decision with interest. While we wait, you may wish to contact them at [email protected] and [email protected].

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Alex Jones says “Jewish mafia” responsible for Obamacare, Uber, TPP

American conspiracy theorist and popular Conservative radio host Alex Jones has made a long antisemitic statement in which he alleges that a “Jewish mafia” is ‘behind’ things as diverse Obamacare, TPP, to Uber – the cab hailing app.

He claims that there is a “Jewish mafia in the United States” who “run Uber” and “the health care” and that “they’re going to scam you; they’re going to hurt you”.

It is unknown why he thinks that Uber is a conspiracy.

He also accused George Soro and Madeleine Albright of being Nazi collaborators.

He then complains about being described as antisemitic for his comments about TPP, yet goes on to say “I better do some exposes on the Jewish mafia”. He describes a metaphorical Jewish presence as someone “foaming at the mouth with knives at cabinet meetings, basically threatening the president”.

Claiming that Jews are behind everything from TPP to Uber, and that Jews are a sinister influence on policy is a typical antisemitic canard, which has been lifted straight from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Jones makes reference to a ” a global, corporate, combine”, and frequently speaks about “globalists” elsewhere – rhetoric directed towards “globalists” often crosses over into antisemitism, and many of the ideas seem to have originated with antisemitic conspiracy theories.

The author of the Daily Wire report on Jones’ rant astutely suggests that such conspiracy theories were more commonly the preserve of the American left wing, which have gradually been adopted, and eventually popularised, by the Alt Right and figures such as Jones, with the result being that the far left and far right have ‘met in the middle’ in their anti-‘globalist’ conspiracy theorising. The extent to which such an analysis is correct is not for us to comment on, yet when considered alongside the often-related issue of antisemitism, it is strikingly similar to the ever-increasing willingness of the far left to engage in antisemitism, a prejudice often considered to have been the preserve of the right. Jones’ comments, then, can be taken as the latest indicator of the ever-growing similarity between the far left and far right, particularly when it comes to their propensity to single out Jews.


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Senior Labour Activist Claims Israel has “inflicted” and “exploited” the Holocaust

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, Vice Chair of the Chingford branch of the Chingford and Woodford Green Constituency Labour Party, and the founder of Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods, has taken to the airwaves to say that Israel has “inflicted” the Holocaust on other people and “they use and exploit” the Holocaust for political ends.

She said: “When it comes to the Holocaust, of course, there must never be any minimisation of that horror. It’s inflicted on other people in the sense that apologists for Israel use the suffering of Jews to excuse the suffering of Palestinians. I hear it all the time: ‘Oh, they’ve suffered so much, let them get on with it.’ I’m not saying that Israel is committing a Holocaust. I’m saying they use and exploit the fact of the Holocaust to justify what are, in some cases, crimes against humanity…So the mass slaughter of Jews in Europe should never be inflicted on others. That’s my view and that includes Palestinians. But for that, I’m called a self-hating Jew.”

Her statement is antisemitic according to the international definition of antisemitism which the Home Affairs Select Committee on Sunday unanimously recommended that all parties should use, in accordance with Campaign Against Antisemitism’s manifesto for fighting antisemitism in political parties.

The definition says that “Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis” is antisemitic.

Wimborne-Idrissi’s latest tirade came less than three weeks since she last appeard on LBC and moved a Labour MP to tears by accusing Ruth Smeeth, a Jewish Labour MP, of having staged an antisemitic incident as a means to attack Jeremy Corbyn. At the time, she claimed that Smeeth “is against Corbyn, against his whole Socialist vision”. Referring to the whitewash Chakrabarti inquiry, she added: “The Chakrabarti Commission has been undermined at every turn by people like Ruth Smeeth and Louise Ellman [another Jewish Labour MP] and others like them who have a political agenda. The question of antisemitism is being used as a weapon in a political battle.”

We are not aware of any disciplinary action having been taken against Wimborne-Idrissi, but in any case the Labour Party has refused to revealwhether it is disciplining members accused of antisemitism.

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Antisemitic Christian writer hopes Trump will exterminate the Jews

Texe Marrs is a Christian fundamentalist and conspiracy theorist who has rallied behind Donald Trump.

In the past he has authored books with titles such as “Holy Serpent of the Jews: The Rabbis’ Secret Plan for Satan to Crush Their Enemies and Vault the Jews to Global Dominion” and “Conspiracies of the Six Pointed Star”.

On a podcast with another far-right extremist, Mike Rense, Marrs declared that Donald Trump could be an “instrument of God” to destroy the Jews. He had suggested that Stalin had been planning to exterminate the Jews of the Soviet Union, but was assassinated before he could, and that Hitler is unfairly criticised. Whilst he goes on to talk about “Israel” being destroyed, his past writings in which he frequently speaks of “Jewish” conspiracies, which he references in the last paragraph quoted here, as well as the context in which he defends the murder of Jews, demonstrate that Marrs is not talking about political opposition to Israel. He goes on to say:
Israel is going to be destroyed and it is going to happen so fast we’ll all be shocked about it. It’s going to happen and I’ve been wondering if maybe, let me just say something here, could Trump be the instrument of God in this? He doesn’t have to be a Hitler, he doesn’t have to be a Stalin, he can simply be a good guy.”

“He’s going to have to move very fast against these people”

“[Trump] may be so smart though, and intelligent that he outwits them…he’s their friend, he’s their pal, he’s their buddy and then it’s suddenly, wow. He takes the woman, the whore, so to speak, Mystery Babylon the Great and suddenly he destroys her, in one single hour she will be destroyed

“I pray they get what’s coming to them”

“These people who have done such horrible things over the years and who, right now, are plotting such horrible deeds against gentiles and others, I hope they get what they deserve. I hope they do and I hope maybe Trump could be the instrument of it.”

In his other work, he has accused George Bush of attending a Black Mass in the Great Pyramid of Giza and claimed that the Clintons are “deep into Egyptian occultism and Masonic magic”.

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Donald Trump compares Jewish charities to Ku Klax Klan

US presidential candidate Donald Trump has compared white supremacist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan to Jewish charities, a claim that the Anti-Defamation League called “obscene”.

Trump’s comments came on the MSNBC television station’s Morning Joe programme, after he had been criticised for not rejecting white supremacists’ support. “I don’t like to disavow groups if I don’t know who they are,” Trump said. “I mean, you could have Federation of Jewish Philanthropies in groups.”

The ADL criticised Trump’s comparison, noting that white power groups refer to black people as “mud people” and call Jews “Satanic”.

“It is obscene to even mention a Jewish organisation in the same breath as these white supremacist groups,” said Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the ADL. “Mr Trump needs to acknowledge that the rhetoric of these hate groups is appalling and does not belong in any political discussion.”

Having been previously condemned for rejecting the chance to distance himself from the Ku Klax Klan in an earlier interview — which Trump blamed on a faulty earpiece — Trump used the Morning Joe interview to try to do so. On Thursday, he called Duke a “bad person”. “I disavowed him,” Trump said. “I disavowed the K.K.K.”

Greenblatt said it was hard to understand why Trump seemed to find it difficult to make a clear-cut denunciation of the white supremacist group.

“It is hard to fathom how we can have a candidate who can be so verbose when it comes to denigrating other candidates, yet he finds himself tongue tied when it comes to the most racist and antisemitic group in the history of this country,” Greenblatt said.

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German national radio claims Hamas “cannot be antisemitic”

Deutschlandfunk, part of Deutschlandradio, Germany’s national, public broadcasting institution, published an article yesterday stating that Hamas (which has a decisive majority in the Palestinian Authority legislature) was “almost” antisemtic.

Hamas’ charter calls for the destruction of Jews and is therefore genocidal in its antisemitism, stating: “Hamas has been looking forward to implement Allah’s promise whatever time it might take. The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said:The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!”

Following a public outcry, Deutschlandfunk published a ‘clarification’ on their Facebook page, where they stated that the use of the term “antisemitism” to describe Jew-hatred is not representative of its original use. They go on to remark, “Arabs themselves are Semites and therefore can hardly be antisemitic themselves. This includes Hamas. But many Arabs, including Hamas supporters, do not refer to ‘the Israelis’ but rather ‘the Jews’ (Al Yehud), as it was Jews who came to Palestine as Zionists [sic]…Thus Arab delegitimisation and contempt towards Israelis is linguistically ‘almost’ identical to the Nazis’ antisemitism. But only ‘almost’. We apologise that this has lead to misunderstandings.”

Muddying Jew-hatred, by disingenuously claiming the term “antisemitism” must refer to opposition to those from the Semitic region, is a long-established method of denying Jews the ability to voice opposition to those who are persecuting them.

Sources: DeutschlandfunkWikipedia, Article Seven of the Hamas Charter

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BBC radio show presenter allows caller to opine for 13 minutes about Jewish world domination

Last week on BBC London Radio, during a phone-in, a BBC presenter and a caller discussed Jews.

The caller was given over thirteen minutes of airtime, spewing vile antisemitism, with many of his arguments left unchecked. Though it was clear from the outset that the caller was an unrepentant antisemite, the presenter allowed him to opine at length on the subject of Jewish world domination, even telling his caller: “I’m giving you more than I have done anyone.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism has issued a call to action over the following excerpts:

BBC presenter: “There is a debate, listen I’m not saying there is no debate, clearly there is a debate about whether Israel in its current form should be where it is.”


“They are trying to control us more and more and more. They want to put a chip up our backsides, a ring through our noses, and a vizor for our horizons… the elite… the Rothschilds”

“It’s not just about old money, it’a about the Zionists”

“Most of the Jews of the world come from eastern Europe, from a place called originally, an empire called Cesaria… The Rothschilds, the people who own the Bank of England, the people who own the Federal Reserve, they’re all Zionist Jews. The people who own corporate America, the media, you’ll find if you just do a little bit of research, they’re all Zionist Jews. We are ruled by Zionist Jews.”

“The history of Jews from Palestine, that area of Judaism, it’s a long long history of thousands of years, has nothing to do with Zionism.”

“True Judaism… they’re against Zionism, those guys with the hats and the curly hair.”

“They control the money, the money, finance… 80% of corporate America, of the media, is owned by Jews. And they’re Zionist Jews.”

“We are dominated by the Jews’ system, the financial Jewish system.”

“We keep going on about the Jews… mainstream media, they keep banging on about the Jews and the Holocaust… we keep going on about six million Jews.”

Source: Campaign Against Antisemitism

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Detroit radio show taken off air for claiming Jews killed Jesus and Holocaust was exaggerated

A radio show called “White Lies and Roses” has been taken off the air by Detroit-based Salem Radio Network following an antisemitic broadcast. Speaking on the show, Christian Wright is reported to have said: “So let’s get this straight: the Jews are not Christian. They killed Jesus Christ. They are his killers…I have to say this about the Jews: The Jews are masters at propaganda. Did the Holocaust happen? Certainly. But it was not nearly the numbers that they portray. Propaganda.”

Source: Algemeiner

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Spanish state radio broadcasts programme accusing Jews of Satanic conspiracy

Spanish state radio broadcast a programme called “From the Inferno — The Jewish People: Propagator of the Satan Cult”. The show was more than 30 minutes long and was dedcated to antisemitic conspiracy myths. Presenters quoted from the 1962 book “Plot Against the Church” which linked demonology and the Satanic cult to Jews.